Tuesday, February 22, 2005

This Can't Be Happening ... Not Now

As if things in my life aren't shitty enough, I could always count on one thing to bring a smile to my face or get me pumped (as silly as that sounds). It looks one of my all-time favorite bands in the world has probably broken up. Yes, it's true ... it looks like "Los Ninos de Blink" are done; Blink 182 are probably through.

I know it's silly for a guy who is going on 34 to be a fan of band like Blink 182. But you've got to realize that I've been listening to these guys almost as long as they've been a band. I first heard these guys when I was living back in Florida in 1996. I had just started getting into the whole ska-punk thing and I heard NoFX for the first time. So at the indie record store I always shopped at, they had a "if you like this, try this" thing at the front of the store. So, they had NoFx "Heavy Petting Zoo" and the "try" CD was Blink 182 "Buddha" (a used copy but I was happy nonetheless). I heard it, liked it alot, and so I bought it.

The following year (1997) the guys released "Dude Ranch". I had sorta forgotten about the band, but the first time I heard "Damnit (Growing Up)" on the college radio station back home (I was out of the Army by this time), I ran out immediately and bought the CD (along with Less Than Jake "Losing Streak"). From that point forward, Blink CDs always occupied a spot in either my CD player or my computer or my walkman. I always ran out and bought the new CD on the day it was released; I tried to see them in concert as often as I could afford (unfortunately for me, it was only twice I got to see them live). I was and will always truly be a fan for many reasons. First, if I ever was talented enough to start a band, these guys embodied the spirit I wanted. They didn't take themselves too seriously, they made jokes about themselves constantly so that it never seemed that stardom got to their heads, and they had a good time wherever they went. Secondly, they never forgot the fans. There is a restaurant in San Diego called Sombrero where they grew up. They always stop in to eat whenever they can. Some fans heard about this and started to send letters, pictures, etc. to Sombrero. So when Tom and Mark would stop in for a bite to eat, they would go through the stuff and call the fans to thank them. And third, their music was just fun. Simple riffs, fun melodies, and the videos were hilarious.

I think my company would have some sort of objection if I wore a black armband tomorrow or wore one of my concert t-shirts. I will mourn to myself because although it sounds a little corny, I also see this as a passing of another sort. I think the last album was sort a turning point. I think they knew the days of dick and fart joke songs were over and that it was time to move on. It's unfortunate, but it's almost like it was time to grow up and leave those things in the past. Growing up sucks and I guess maybe the guys felt that they had grown up and reached the point where the spirit of the band was no longer viable. I guess this is the sign that it's time for me to quit daydreaming about playing my guitar and just pick it up everyday or just let the fantasy go. (Sigh) I guess I have to grow up too ... but I'll go down fighting.

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Earth Girl said...

I think you should wear a black armband or T-shirt to work (you could always wear them under your clothes). This is a significant event in your life and should be mourned aproprietly.

Growing up sucks.