Saturday, February 05, 2005

Things I Don't Understand ......

There are so many things in this world I don't understand .... I've decided to compile a list of them ....

1. How that stuttering idiot (W) got re-elected. I mean, we all know he lied to the country, he took us from a budget surplus to a huge deficit in less than 4 years, he puts us into a war by twisting US intelligence data to justify it, he is the only president since Hoover to post a loss in jobs in the economy, he has alienated us from every nation in the world (I think Tony Blair is about the only guy who likes us), and his administration is so blatantly corrupt.

2. Why anyone might think Dharma & Greg and Suddenly Susan were funny. How did they get renewed each year just long enough for them to get into syndication? These are the 2 most horribly unfunny shows ever made. On the flight back from Ireland in spring 2003, Aerlingus had episodes of Suddenly Susan playing instead of a 2nd movie. I would rather eat my own teeth than have to endure the mindless drivel that spouts from Brooke Shield's mouth.

3. Why people get so geeked up about American Idol. I mean, look at Kelly Clarkson now. Her 1st album did okay, but no one cares that she has a 2nd album. And she is the most successful contestant to date!!! Anyone lining up to buy that fat dude's album or the skinny gay guy's album?

4. Reality T.V. ... well I do watch Cops and I love the worst syndicated reality show ever, Cheaters.

5. Why more people don't find Kate Winslett to be absolutely fucking sexy. She's got it all.

6. Why most Americans I meet say they wouldn't want to live in Europe; even if only for a few years.

7. Right-wing Conservative Republican Americans. I guess I can't understand brain dead sheep.

8. Why everytime I get behind a car with a Bush-Cheney sticker that the person driving is going to be an idiotic cunt/cock with no idea how to drive.

9. Why Blockbuster has only 3 copies of Maria Full of Grace (which are always checked out) and 50 copies of You Got Served (which are always available in excess).

10. Why anyone would willingly move back to this area unless they had scored a decent job.

11. People who think the current SNL is funnier than the older episodes.

12. People who don't feel their soul or body compelled to move whenever they hear salsa, merengue, or reggae.

13. Why I can't meet a cute, nice girl who isn't in a relationship, married, or bitter.

14. Why I'm writing this.

Just a few things I don't understand. Sometime soon, someone can explain the political parties in Ireland, Mexico, and the UK to me. I really don't understand that!!!!

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