Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bush Is A Stoner!!!!

HAHA!! I think this news article was posted by the good folks at CNN because they knew how depressed Americans with intelligence and the rest of the world is feeling. There is a report that one of W's "friends" secretly taped him talking about smoking pot. He was criticizing Gore for talking about smoking pot since he didn't want some kid doing what he did.

Reporter: Hey W, you know they that pot is legal in Amsterdam, right? Posted by Hello

The look on his face is like "Is that right? Sweet!!". The irony is that W is worried about some kid smoking pot. Shouldn't he worry about some kid in the future lying to Congress, the Nation, and the UN about a justification for going to war? Shouldn't he be worried about some kid in the future cutting aid to elderly, poor, and schoolchildren so that Haliburton can get a few more bucks? Of all the fucking dumb things to worry about; trust me, no kid is going to say "Hey, you know the president smoked pot. I think I will try it too." Fucking dumbass W.


NML said...

I really am not very keen on your president. That story is funny though. Bush is a walking contradiction, who unfortunately was actually voted in this time round.

Cincysundevil said...

NML - Don't worry; remember that 48% of people who can actually think and form their own opinion didn't vote for the idiot either (myself included). If you ever feel the need to bash him, please come to my site and let loose your venom. I hate the man myself.