Friday, February 25, 2005

One Last Bit of Drama (God I Hope So)

I know, I know ... I can hear the groans from those of you who've read my blog in the past. You're just as tired of the ML thing as I am. I think this is the final chapter and I am hoping it is. However, she asked me to do something that is really tearing me up inside; it literally has me torn in half. One last explanation for this one.

So in one of my first posts about ML, I mentioned she has a son. He's a bit spoiled, but he is a good kid nonetheless. Before I went for a visit, ML had been priming this kid to meet me. She would tell him things like "mommy has a new boyfriend" and so on. So when I finally met him, he took to me right away. Everywhere I went he wanted to hold my hand. We'd go to the park and he'd want me to push him on the swings. He'd want to play catch with me. He told ML, "Mom, I like him." He even told ML at dinner later that if she wanted to marry me, that was okay with him. I thought it was hilarious and ML was shocked. ML's ex-husband has a great relationship with his son and he has hated everyone she has dated in the past.

So I get an email from ML on Wednesday saying that she and her son were watching TV recently. They were watching "The George Lopez Show" (one of my faves) and one of the characters was getting married. ML's son asked her when she and I were going to get married. He then started asking about me over and over; when was I going to visit again; when I was going to move in with them. So, she asks me if I will talk to her son as a favor to her. She said she realized that she wasn't sure what I should tell him, and that we'd need to talk beforehand. She did say if I couldn't, she'd understand.

I was really bothered by this. I have a huge soft spot for kids and ML knows this. Every Christmas at some point, my nephews give me a sob story that my sister "won't take us to McDonalds and we've been good all day" (when in reality, all day long they've been mischievious, hornery, or as my mom would say "travieso") knowing that a secret trip to McD's will soon take place. I think the world of my nephews and have their pictures in my cube at work, as well as a watercolor that my oldest nephew made in class.

I haven't written back or called ML about this. I can understand ML wanting to break it to her son, but isn't that more of the mother's place than my own? Am I an asshole for not wanting to get tangled up in this anymore and just being able to go on with my life?


trix said...

my word. just get on with life. her son is her responsibility. not yours. you must be exhausted by all of this. and why haven't you changed your email address already?

Cincysundevil said...

Well, it's finally over. She called me (even though she had "deleted" all my phone numbers) to say not to worry because she had already talked to him. Of course, she had to reiterate her point over and over like 3 times as if trying to make some dig at me. Oh well ... IT'S OVER .. WOO-HOO!!!!!!