Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bush Performs "ably"???? How Low Are Our Expectations???

I am watching the McLauglin Group on PBS and the discussion was the Idiot's trip to Europe last week to mend fences with our one time allies. To wrap up the discussion, moderator John McLauglin asked everyone to rate the success of the trip between 1 and 10 with 1 being failure and 10 being complete success. Pat Buchanan said that the relationship between Europe and the U.S. was "a dead marriage" and gave the Idiot a 2. I found the comment interesting, but I disagree with it. So the scores were between 1 or 2 and a cople of 7's (one guest said that it was a symbolic gesture and that symbolism is important obviously reaching for anything that could be construed as positive).

But John McLaughlin underscored how low our expectations are of the Idiot in the White House. He gave the trip a 7 and said that Bush performed "ably". WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? ABLY? If Clinton had performed "ably", every fucking right wing idiot would've been calling for his head (not that the genius commentators like Rush "Oxycontin Addict" Limbaugh and Anne "I'll Just Make Shit Up" Coulter and FOX news weren't calling for his head every week). "Ably" is what you say about people you have no expectations of who actually pull off a job. "Ably" shows just how shitty we really think Bush is. "Ably" shows that we, as Americans, know how lacking Bush is (while the right wing just buries its head in the sand on this and touts his "Christian" background).

No wonder the world couldn't understand the November elections. They somehow got the wrong impression that we, as Americans, would elect the better man, the more intelligent man, the better leader. Oh no, that's not how politics in America works. We showed the world that 52% of Americans are sheep that can led down the primrose path to slaughter by simply scaring them with talk of the "war on terror" or that you simply have to wrap yourself up in the Bible (despite the fact that most of your actions are very unChristian). Even though there is a world of evidence that proves Bush lied about WMDs, the 52% who voted for Bush somehow disregarded that; some would say that "he did what he thought was best" (one of my friends actually said this). Gee, isn't that the nice thing you say to someone who does something without thinking and then comes to the realization that he fucked up really badly?????????

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