Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Super Bowl and the Evil FOX News empire

FUCK!!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!!
First of all let me say that I fucking hate the Patriots. Ever since the now infamous "Tuck Rule" that let N.E. slide into the Super Bowl, I have hated this team. I respect that they just know how to win, but I still fucking hate them. My friend from law school, S, and I are both convinced that Tom Brady did a little Robert Johnson action and sold his soul at the crossroads. Now they've won the Super Bowl again and of course, I hate it. My team (the Pittsburgh Steelers) got their asses handed to them by N.E. in the championship game, in Pittsburgh. And I hate the linebacker from N.E. Ted Bruschi. This guy needs someone to blindside him and take out a knee to end his career; he is one of the dirtiest, most arrogant players in the NFL. Now that I've gotten that off of my chest....

The halftime show sucked ass. Don't get me wrong, I like Paul McCartney as much as anyone. But this sucked and it sucked bad. I didn't want to see a 60 y.o. man onstage with a bunch of kids sitting around him trying desperately to look geeked up. The funny thing is that in one shot of the crowd, several people looked bored and weren't even facing the stage. This show is a sad indictment of American society right now. We're so concerned about another mammary incident or heaven forbid, something exciting happening that we're reduced to having an elderly Sir Paul perform with nothing else. I mean there was nothing; no other bands, no other acts, a few fireworks .. but that was it. Not good; not good at all. The moral majority have struck again and this time they're determined to take fun out of American society and culture. FOX really blew it this year; as much as last year's halftime show sucked, at least it was exciting (even though it was lip sync central).

Another thing I find infuriating is when corporate and conservative America try to coopt music for thier own use. For instance, FOX is using "Sunday Bloody Sunday" for highlight reel. Obviously the genius in programming who approved this has no idea about world affairs and the outrage that the song is supposed to convey about the killing of unarmed peace marchers in Northern Ireland. I was just waiting for this song to be paired with an ad for Anhueser Busch or Cadillac for a new product. Its especially funny that FOX sports uses it since FOX News stands for everything that the band U2 is against. And to top it off, a person convicted of colluding with the Omagh bombings a few years back was released from prison a few weeks ago!!!

Another brilliant idea by FOX News is having Bill O'Reilly using "Fight The Power" by Public Enemy. Again, P.E. is fundamentally opposed to everything Bill O'Reilly is!!! The funny thing is that people like Bill O'Reilly think they are fighting the system, when they don't even want to acknowledge that they are the system!!!! P.E. was about fighting the man, and now the man has coopted the music. Nothing is sacred; everything is for sale in America. The revolution will now be televised with limited commercial interruptions sponsored by Cialis and GM. I really wish that artists could have a say in these things and tell corporate America that their music isn't for sale. Unfortunately, every artist is chained to their record companies and any sort of artistic endeavor ends up being for sale. Sooner or later, the National Anthem will be sponsored by Miller Brewing, the stars on the flag will be replaced with corporate logos, and the President will be sponsored by Haliburton .. oh wait, that has already happened!!!

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