Friday, February 11, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

We all have those guilty pleasures and I just finished watching one of mine. It's every bad as my other guilty pleasures. This one is a television show Cheaters. This show is horrible; the whole premise is that a suspecting partner calls in this guy, Joey Greco. This guy is totally sleazy, but he gets the goods. The film crew will follow around the suspected cheater and of course, film their activities. They even have the partner who called in plant a hidden camera in the house to catch the cheating on film. Of course, if there is an episode, there is cheating involved. So then there is the confrontation. The crew will call the partner and inform her/him of what they've found and show them the footage. Naturally there is some crying or anger. Joey will then take the partner to catch the cheater in the act; most times it's somewhere in public like a restaurant or bar. But every once in a while they hit paydirt and catch them in bed. This is where it gets good; I've seen cheaters have their clothes burned; their personal belongings tossed out in the street or put into bags and thrown out in the street. Aaaahhhh, sweet nectar of sleaze television, nurish me!!!

Of course, there are the usual standbys of Springer and Maury. Springer will do the dub-T or hilljack thing (white trash as they say in Ohio). Maury will have those "who is my baby's daddy?" episodes. I've heard that Jerry Springer is huge in the UK. I'll have to defer to NML on this. I wonder if they have the "who is my baby's daddy?" episodes of some talk show in the UK or we the only nation willing to stoop this far for entertainment? I know, I only exacerbate the problem by watching, but damn, it is entertaining.

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