Thursday, February 17, 2005

Funny Thing I Remembered Today

I was sitting at a light on my way to work and for some reason, I remembered something funny my friend DR told my SV back when we are at Arizona State. We were talking about a stoplight for some reason and SV mentions he knows the sequence (i.e. red on top or vice versa). We asked why he knew this:

SV: I'm red-green colorblind.
DR: Really?
SV: That's why I know the sequence of traffic lights.
DR: Wow ..... Christmas must be a real bitch for you then.

I nearly pissed my pants laughing when DR said that. SV is a great guy and he just about lost it himself. The best part today was that while I was driving along, I couldn't help but laugh. I looked like an idiot laughing to myself as cars passed by. Aaaahh, the funny things we think about while driving.

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