Friday, February 04, 2005

Beat Down

Man .. today was a beat down at work. I swear by the time I got off at 9 PM, I felt like someone had taken a baseball bat and beat me between the shoulder blades for about an hour. I literally left work drooping on the way to my Jeep. I guess we all have those days. Plus, I'm broke already and it was just payday on Monday!!! I might have to actually break down and take the bar one of these days just for the extra money I would earn. This was just one of those weeks where ML and I call it quits, got yelled at by attorneys in NYC who are extremely cheap since they want something for nothing from my company, and to top it off, I checked my Jeep's oil and got grease on the sleeve of my jacket!!!

I think a night of just watching mindless movies and sums of alcohol is in order. I would go out but all of my friends from work are either married, dating, or just plain homebodies. Plus, its fucking cold and who wants to leave your apt. when you're warm and comfy? Good times ......

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