Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ooooh, Massage My Ego .. Yeah, That's The Spot

So we've not spoken since Tuesday night and true to form, ML has decided to send me a goodbye email, which was for the most part very nice and then of course, she has to get her digs in at the end of it:

Hey,I got the letter you sent probably over a week ago and I appreciate said some lovely things about me...thank you.

See, I'm not such a bad guy after all. She said that she had never really gotten letters from someone she dated and always thought it would be great. Needless to say, I wrote her a few times.

I hope you are doing well and that you don't hate said it yourself (manytimes) "maybe we just are not meant to be". Certain things matter more to others and some things don' have to find that one special person that excepts you for you (all of you) I could not except somethings.

See, this part starts out nice. Let me point out one thing. This a girl who fancied herself much more intelligent than me and couldn't wait for me to fuck up a word or misspeak so that she could just hammer her point home even more. This is a girl in 2 Master's programs who would always say "I don't know how you ever got through law school. Maybe I should've went if you graduated." The funny thing is that I know the proper use of the word "except" and "accept"; and she wonders how I graduated law school. Heh-heh.

This is not to say that you are bad or I am...its just the truth. Some woman will not become upset with the things I got upset with but again thats what makes us all so unique. Take care of are a wonderful person who someday will find the personyou can share "everything" with...all of your dreams, likes/dislikes & fantasies (friends & coworkers included of course).Adios, ML

Notice the little dig at the end there about fantasies. The letter was nice until then because I know that she is just getting her last shots in on me (the whole fantasies thing goes back to the friend thing with her naturally, the one that she is convinced I wanted to fuck). The nice thing is that this totally placates my ego. Shallow, aren't I? At Christmas, we had our falling out and she was the one who contacted me. I think she was thinking that I would've called by now begging for another chance. All I know is that I'm somewhat vindicated because in order for her to do this, she had to think about me in some way. I know, I know; I see the irony in that statement since I'm on here bitching about her. However, I'm not the one who told her to "fuck off" and that I never wanted to speak to her again. So. let me have my ego massaged a bit tonight; we all need it now and then!!!

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NML said...

Hi there. I promised I would read it and I couldn't resist commenting. Women in their own weird little way, love to have the last emotional word. You're absolutely right. She expected you to be calling her and licking her ass (metaphorically speaking) and when you didn't she made sure she got that dig in. The beauty of this whole thing is that men have a bit of the out of sight out of mind thing, which means you're brain will have moved on and forgotten about her asap whereas she will still be analysing everything you've said and done for ages.