Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sports Get Me Too Worked Up

I swear, I'm gonna have a heart attack one of these days. You think I'm kidding? Follow me here a bit ....

Today I'm watching the AFC Championship game. Now, let's get this straight. If you were reading me this time last year, I was jumping like crazy when the Steelers won the Superbowl. I have been a Steelers fan since I was old enough to hold a football. I was 10 years old when they won their last Superbowl, so 26 years later it was sooooooo sweet.

However, all of my love for my team often isn't as passionate as my hatred for the teams I truly loathe.

the New York Yankees. Fuck I hate this team. They truly are 'The Evil Empire'. They are the Wal-Mart of Major League Baseball. Every year these fucksticks have the money to buy the best players in baseball and bully around nothing teams like the Royals or the Devil Rays. Few things warm my heart more when a team that has to sell off old office equipment, like the Minnesota Twins, get to the playoffs and go further than NY. SO, when the DBacks beat the Yankees, I was happier than a pig in shit. I was ecstatic that the DBacks won, but I was happier that the Yankees had lost.

Second example, the Lakers (sorry Jen). No one is a bigger whining bitch on the face of the earth than Kobe. I love seeing him struggle now since he truly believed the hype that he was the anointed one that could lead that team by himself. I wasn't a Shaq fan, but guess who got a ring Kobe? It wasn't your bitch ass.

These pale in comparison for the hatred I have for the Cowboys (sorry YNH) and the Patriots. I FUCKING HATE THESE TWO TEAMS. I loved that when Michael Irving landed on his head in the old Veterans Stadium, Eagles fans cheered when he was wheeled off the field on a stretcher with a neck brace! I loved watching Ted Bruschi with that look like he was going to cry today when the Pats blew it.

First of all, Dallas has the audacity to claim they're "America's Team". Right, I forgot that America's Team would have a guy involved with a stripper, coke, and a cop. America's Team would need a guy to get busted transporting hundreds of pounds of weed .... twice!!

Next, the Patriots have get every questionable bullshit call starting with the now infamous "tuck rule" which makes no fucking sense to anyone except the ref that called it. I swear it's as if the NFL is doing everything to give them another title. No other team gets away with taunting or shit talking like the Patriots. I'm sick of them proclaiming that they get no respect from the press and that they're always the underdogs. Nothing turns my stomach more than watching a press conference with Bruschi and that fucking flat head of his. Guess what though? You jackfucks won't have the Lombardi trophy this year ... FUCK YEAH!!

See what I mean? I got worked up just typing this. Like all good Americans, we like to see the successful fall down. I just happen to love it more than most when it comes to these teams.


Chelle said...

I get nooooooooo apologies for the PATS. I feel left out, somehow. Or did you just know I am not a huge football fan? Or I am ok with Manning heading to the Bowl? Still hurts to know we headed into the second half with a huge lead to watch it go kaplooey.

Boston has the most creative Yankees suck around. You would not believe what these shirts say. Maybe you would. :D

jennifer said...

i'm a convert. the lakers hold little appeal for me nowadays. spurs all the way.

Cincysundevil said...

A Pats fan ... from Atlanta? Say it ain't so! Next thing you know, you're pulling for the BoSox and forgetting your Braves!

Cincysundevil said...

SWEET!! It's all about the Spurs baby! I can say I've been a Spurs fan since they first picked up David Robinson.