Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ex's Back In Texas (well ... really mostly in New Mexico)

A friend of mine was recently on a reality show. He didn't do quite well and was "fired" immediately. The funny thing is that once the show was over, he was deluged with calls from the Exes.

Oh yes, that funny little creature known as the Ex that somehow has a nose for those times when you've lost that 50 lbs to look better than ever or you've hit the Powerball. He's been besieged with calls from Exes he hasn't talked to in over 10 years and it's even gotten so bad that the mother of one of his Exes has called him. All in a days work for someone whose image has national appeal.

The funny thing is that I think I'm hitting that time when my high school classmates are beginning to reevaluate their lives. Yep, the 20 year reunion is next fall.

I'm beginning to get emails from girls I went to high school with. Girls that really didn't pay me any attention other than as friends are now emailing me. I've had a couple of ex-girlfriends from back in the day get in touch with me. One ex was one of my first girlfriends ever and she moved after our 8th grade year. Another ex went to my mom's work and asked for my new number!!

I wonder if this is something that everyone at this age goes through. I just found this to be a curious oddity of getting older.


Chelle said...

A little wierd looking up your ex through his mom or is it just me.

Have fun with memory lane.

Cincysundevil said...

For me, memory lane is more like an alcohol induced thoroughfare.