Saturday, January 06, 2007

My College Football Year In Review

This year's college football season is almost over and once again, the only thing certain is that my school didn't live up to expectations.

In the preseason, Arizona State started off in the top 25. Although I never heard the prediction myself, some told me that Lou Holtz declared my beloved Sun Devils would win the BCS.

But hey, this is my team coached by that useless assclown named Dirk Koetter. The only thing certain with a Koetter coached team is that it will not live up to any expectation. This year was no different.
He starts the year with the infamous flip-flop that forced a senior QB Sam Keller to leave ASU for Nebraska. We play USC tight, but get blown out by Cal, Oregon, Oregon State, and in our bowl game. God must've loved me this year because the assclown was fired at the end of the year. We hired Dennis Erickson who has won a couple of national titles and coached in the NFL. The good thing about this hire is that he was hired to get us to national prominence. Anything less will be unacceptable to not only us alumni, but to the president and AD.

The bowl season this year was tough for me. Not only did ASU get blown out, but so did my Irish as well. The funny thing is, the one team I didn't expect to win a bowl game did. Cincinnati won their bowl game with a new head coach coaching his first game.

Next season? I'd love to see my Sun Devils finish in the top 20, then the following year, the top 10. But ASU has broken my heart several times. Maybe they'll deliver next season (which when put together are my two least favorite words ever .....)


Hod Rabino said...

Great post! No doubt 2006 was a tough year, but 2007 will be better!


Cincysundevil said...

Hod Rabino-
Thanks! Welcome aboard. I hope Erickson is the key; we need national level recruiting, not just JUCO's and AZ, ID, UT kids.