Friday, January 05, 2007

I'd Better Have Manly Milk With My Latte

In a desperate attempt to further polarize this nation and turn attention away from real issues, a conservative zealot has decided to unleash his venom on an innocent enough medium: food.

This is a popular tactic among the extreme factions of either the right or the left. They'll make an outrageous claim by attributing it's effects to a reviled behavior or to a marginalized segment of a population.
According to Jim Rutz, soy is making American kids gay.

Of course, this is the same sort of paranoia that the extreme right wing has used to force its agenda on Americans. It's sad but Americans as a society don't progress enough sometimes. We allow ourselves to be led about by anyone who wraps themselves up in either the flag or the Bible.

It was the same at the turn of the century with the Irish being portrayed as a horde bent on anarchy and destruction. This is the same paranoia that whites in the South and elsewhere used to justify the methods of the KKK from those newly freed black hordes. This is the same sort of jingoism that is pervading the national debate on immigration.

Rutz is one of those people who believe that for this nation there is only one religion that fits: his. This is why I'm so opposed to people of his ilk. If you're willing to use the flag or God to obtain your personal objectives, you're a threat to any free society.


A. Estella Sassypants said...

Holy shit. We should all write that guy in for President. Thanks for providing my next potential douchebag o'the day.

Lindsay said...

Let's start a betting pool on when the news will break that this dude has been cruising for male prostitutes and taking meth like that pastor in Colorado. His excuse will not be booze that made him do it, but rather, SOY MILK

Cincysundevil said...

The sad thing is that Republicans would vote for him.

Cincysundevil said...

Betting on that is like betting on when I'm gonna get laid next. It probably won't be any time soon, but it probably is going to happen again.