Friday, January 26, 2007

One of Those Mornings

This morning, I woke up sore as hell. As part of my punishment for carrying all of the shit food I regularly eat around what would otherwise be a nice flat tummy, my trainer is sadist who loves to see me suffer for my sins. So I slowly, piece by piece, roll my tubby ass out of bed and make my way through my morning routine.

One of the worst part of the workouts that I've been doing are the sore muscles that I've never really worked. For instance, my ass. First of all, I have an ass that would be jealous of a nine year-old girl's posterior. In other words, I need a belt with my boxers. So for whatever reason (possibly because I've been using my ass to compensate for my severely sore quads), whatever little ass muscle I have burns all day. I take an extra 20 minutes to get ready because I just can't move as quickly as I would normally, so I'm running late at this point.

I make the drive to work and I forgot there are like 3 conventions going on at once today. I believe it was some sort of right-wing, Neo-Nazi rally with Colin Powell, Guiliani, and the Trump whipping up the brain dead into a capitalistic fervor. Plus, some sort of dairy convention so all the hayseeds in Georgia were trying to manuever their giant extended cab trucks through downtown Atlanta as if it wasn't crowded enough. And ... there was some sort of evangelical "Jesus is love but he hates the gays" convention as well. SO you can imagine the venom I was spewing as I tried to navigate through this mess.

I get into the ghetto-ass parking lot some 6 blocks from work. At this point, I get to listen to my music which is a brief respite during my foray of being surrounded by the lowest common denominator of intellect. I put in my MP3's earbuds and start walking. I can't figure out why they're so uncomfortable. I adjust .... readjust. Still, one of the earbuds feels like it's scraping the inside of my ear.

Turns out that one of those little silicone sleeves that help the bud fit your ear fell off. The seal is horrible and my ear is hurting. In other words, no music on my way in. So this is a guarantee that my bane of my existence will hit me up for change on my way in. And .... they did. It seems even the homeless respect that unwritten law of you don't bug someone when they have their headphones on!!! Note to self: get new earbuds.

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Andi said...

Ahhh, sounds like the day I had recently where I hated life every effin' moment. Wait, that's been going on a for a while. Meh.

I do love my iPod.