Monday, January 08, 2007

And The Gators Weren't Supposed To Be Here????

A few weeks ago at the end of the season for Ohio State and Michigan, Michigan coach Lloyd Carr lobbied and whined that they deserved another shot at the national title considering how close the game was between No. 1 and No. 2.. Nationally everyone questioned whether Florida really deserved the shot at the title.

First Michigan get their asses handed to them by USC. This is poetic justice for me after having to listen to everyone in the rest of the nation piss and moan how USC doesn't have to play any competition all year long. The fact is, my beloved Sun Devils played USC better than Michigan did in the Rose Bowl.

Now, I'm beginning to really wonder whether Ohio State had just been overrated all year long. I'm a big fan of a really good game ... unless of course it's my Sun Devils; then I want them to blow out anyone they play. But this was a good game for the first 3 minutes of the game.

Troy Smith ... Heisman winner? Wow, this guy spent more time on his back than a Republican lobbyist. The Ohio State offense has their asses pinned to the bench more often than Paris Hilton's ankles are pinned behind her ears. The vaunted Ohio State defense was about as solid a foundation as is any movie that is dependent upon Lindsay Lohan's acting skills.

This all begs the question of the playoff system. I really think that Boise State could've handed Michigan their ass just like USC did. I think a playoff would've pitted USC vs. Florida or LSU in the title game. Instead, we'll just get more lopsided games because of the good ole' boy system. Until we get a playoff, we'll never get a true national champ.


yournamehere said...

Hey, Louisville won their BCS bowl and DROPPED in both polls.

What bothers me is in the coaches poll they finished behind Wisconsin, who managed to NOT play Ohio State or Michigan in their Big Ten schedule.

Cincysundevil said...

Exactly! Hell, Georgia lost like 4 games this year and still somehow managed to finish in the Top 25 ahead of teams like Hawaii with fewer losses. The system is completely screwed right now.

JHD said...

Personally, I think if a non-BCS team beats a BCS team in a bowl game, they get to play again in the title game. If there happens to be 2, they both play for the title. Screw the BCS.

But the OSU-Florida game was good. Where else could you have seen a modern reenactment of the sacking of Troy over and over and over....?

deeesguy said...

Not trying to be the Big Ten apologist, but WIsconsin did play Michigan (their only loss) and beat a very tough Arkansas team in their bowl game.

Cincysundevil said...

THe problem is that by designating teams as BCS or non-BCS, you're setting up an unfair system. Granted, if Southwest Missouri Valley State College is undefeated, they probably shouldn't be playing USC for the national title game.

The sacking of Troy ... lol .. I like that one!

Cincysundevil said...

It's just ironic that of all the teams with super high expectations associated with the Big 10 this year, Wisconsin certainly wasn't the team that you thought might be up there. But they did kick ass this year.