Monday, March 07, 2005

Now available ... SPAMBLOGS

(Sigh) .. it seems that spam has not only made it's way into the comments in some people's blogs, but it appears that some assholes have now created entire blogs dedicated to the crap that they spam you with. Now, this might not bother some people, however, with the added blogs, eventually this will probably overload the something and then we'll all be forced to pay for our blogs.

Why is it that advertisers always find a way to fuck up anything even remotely cool? They did it in the early 90's with the Grunge Collection of clothes available at Macy's; they did it with the swing revival that resulted in fucking horrible Gap commercials; at a movie that I pay $9 I have to see commercials; they tried to cash in on the whole punk scene with Ashley Simpson; they bombarded us with spam bots, and now they're doing it with blogs. It's fucking ridiculous. Is nothing sacred?????

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