Monday, March 14, 2005

A Full Summer??

Every year at this time, my old roommate, SJ, and I start making our concert plans for the summer. Looks like we've already got a couple of shows to hit. It appears that Bryan Adams and Def Leppard are doing a tour of minor league baseball stadiums this summer. We'll be sure to break out the acid washed jeans and sleeveless t-shirts for that one. I'll have to see if I can grow a sweet mullet in time for that one .... HAH!

Now O.A.R. is playing in Oxford in April so we're going to try to sneak off to that one if possible. Our big goal is to complete the Dave Matthews trifecta in Ohio. He always plays 2 shows in Columbus and 1 in Cincy, so we always try to hit all 3. That is our goal again this summer.

Other than these shows, no other great bands have announced shows in the area. Or should I say, I have no desire to see the shows that are coming otherwise.

Anyone got any great concerts coming up?

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