Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Make Out CD/Tape

Back in high school (and even into college), every guy had a make out tape or CD. It was the number you played in your stereo (be it car or in your dorm room) when you finally had some time alone with the opposite sex. When I lived in the fraternity house, I would walk by one of the rooms and then you'd hear the music wafting from under the door. It was cheesy, corny, but definitely a ritual of growing up for men. If you were hoping for a little lovin', you needed to romance a girl and music was definitely a mood enhancer. That's not to say that many of the hook-ups of our youth didn't occur thanks to a 12 pack of Natty Light, far too many hormones, and the pulse of club music.

It's amazing the effect music still has though. I saw this first hand on a camping trip during law school. I had a CD that one of my crazies (my friends' moniker for the girls I dated in law school since they always seemed a little "unbalanced") put together for her nights when she'd stop by my old apartment. We listen to the CD while we'd just lie around, talk, and do whatever else came to mind. So, there we are in the middle of nowhere, campfire going well, plenty of booze to relax everyone, and the CD comes out as we're all winding down for the evening (the same crazy actually came camping with us that trip ... a long story in of itself). Everyone starts to get very affectionate with their significant other, well except me (no significant other for me to get affectionate with). My favorite thing about camping is to be the last person awake, keep the fire going for a bit after everyone is asleep, have a few beers, stare at the stars, and just think about my life (of course this was ruined because my ex was drunk and started pouring her heart out about how shitty her life was and starts crying; all I wanted was some "me" time .. LOL). But the point is that everyone started hugging and getting all lovey dovey. It was amazing the effect that music has on people and on situations.

SO, the question then becomes: OK 'Devil, what would you put on your CD supposing it were appropriate to do such a thing as an adult? Well my friends, here is list of some of the songs I would put on it (this is a sampling; an all inclusive list would have to be strung out over about a week's worth of blogs) .....

"Lucha De Gigantes" - Nacha Pop: If you've ever seen the movie Amorres Perros, this is the song playing when one of the main characters Octavio, played by Gael Garcia Bernal, finally gets together with his brother's wife, Susanna. Very incestuous situation, but a damn good song nonetheless.
"Sincerely" - The Moonglows: Old '50's doo-wop, but damn, it's a great song. It's as smooth as a nice shot of single barrel, 15 y.o. whiskey .... damn smooth.
"She Is So Beautiful" - The Waterboys: This acoustic song is simple ... simply deceiving. It's a mellow slow little ditty that has some simplistic lyrics but they work so damn well. The lead singer seems to be putting his heart and soul into the song; the ending about not being able to handle things if his love dies before him is heart wrenching .... I'm such a big softie.
"Romeo and Juliet" - Edwin McCain: One of my all-time fave songs. Pretty much a song about what might have been if the timing of things were right. This acoustic version is great.
"Everything" - Material Issue: Another one of my faves. A simple song about a guy willing to give anything to be everything for someone. Shouldn't we all be willing to do that for the one we love?
"Coast of Marseilles" - Jimmy Buffett: Beautiful song about wanting to get away from it all after getting your heart broken. The song has one of those simple lyrics that I can't forget, "You make it so hard to forget".
"Sunday Kind Of Love" - Etta James: One of those soulful old love songs that our parents probably listened to back in the day. Etta has a sweet, powerful voice.
"This Ole' Heart Of Mine" - The Isley Brothers: What is it about Motown that is so much more romantic and soulful than most music today? This is one of those songs that you want to slow dance to; not quite too slow but slow enough to dance.
"You Send Me" - Sam Cooke: Perhaps one of the greatest voices of the 20th century. This song is one that everyone knows once they hear it. It is probably one of the most perfect songs ever written.
"Somebody" - Depeche Mode: If this song doesn't define what you should want in another person, no song will.
"Letter To Elise" - The Cure: Heartbreaking song here. It's essentially about a guy who wants to fall in love with a girl who should be the perfect one for him, but he can't. So it's sort of a breakup song.

I might add more later, but for now, I'm having a brain fart. Of course, this is a just a taste of the songs that I like. I'll borrow an idea from a movie for this post. John Cusack noted at the end of the movie High Fidelity, the important thing is to make a compilation of the songs that your significant other would like, not what you think is cool or great.


barb said...

A few years ago my friend's son, who was 17 at the time, made me a compilation CD (just because I think we had been talking about music and he's that kind of kid who would just do something nice for you like that out of the blue) and he did just that: compiled songs he thought I would like , not just ones he thought were cool. It was filled with many songs by artists I didn't know at the time like Jeff Buckley, David Gray, Ben Harper and Martin Sexton mixed with Gershwin's Summertime and a silly song from the Muppet Show. I loved every song on that CD and now years later, it's still my favorite thing to listen to. It was the best gift anyone ever gave me.

Cincysundevil said...

Thats awesome Barb. I love it when people make CDs for me as well, but I love making them too. My old roommate from law school will always throw together a CD with some new obscure groups I haven't heard of which I always end up loving! Just give me the word and I'll whip you up a couple of CDs!

Julie said...

Will you marry me? Sunday Kind of Love is my favorite Etta song. Although, I do prefer the Indigo Girls version of Romeo and Juliet over Edwin McCain's. But, both are better than the original. Wow. I just does have that effect on people...

Cincysundevil said...

You just name the time and place and I'll be there. I've been told I clean up nicely ... lol