Monday, March 07, 2005

I Wanna Move To The UK

I started investigating the possibility of working in the UK again tonight. I went to one website that did a free evaluation of my eligibility to obtain a skilled worker's visa for work in the UK. Not looking good so far. According to the evaluation, I only scored a 45 when you need a 65 and the way they weigh your job experience, education, and so on, it's not looking promising so far.

It's almost comical at work, but since I started working there, it's well known that I'm trying to get a job overseas. I peruse the company's website since it lists jobs in the UK (our HQ is supposedly in a very posh part of London). I've been told if I apply for and get hired for a job in the UK, the company will do all the paperwork, i.e. work visa. So if I can convince the company to hire me for one of the jobs in the UK, I'm off.

So why would I want to go live overseas? Why not? I'm still single; outside of my family, I've really got no reason not to go. I know my family would come visit when they could, so it wouldn't be that big of a deal. As it is, I only get to see my family once a year at the holidays. Moving overseas would be the same set up, only that I'd have to plan it much further in advance. I have always loved the idea of living in Europe; so many nations only a short flight or rail trip away. When I was in the Army, I tried everything I could to get stationed in Europe but no luck (although doing 2 tours in Tampa, FL wasn't too bad). Maybe I still have that fantasy of meeting some really cute European girl; after all, everyone thinks accents are sexy.

Anyways, I'm still keeping my options open. I might even look into becoming a teacher in the UK; although I imagine that is much harder than just getting a straight up job. If anyone in the UK has any ideas, I'm all ears!!Keep your fingers crossed for me; if I do score a job in London, then you've always got a place to crash if you visit.


NML said...

I'm not sure how the teacher thing works for non-UK people, but they are crying out for teachers here. It is much easier if you get transferred via work because like the US, I think that you need to prove that there is noone else within the EU that could do your position. If I come across any relevant links I will let you know, but if you do a UK google search and put in 'teaching' it should bring up the government website.

mcgibfried said...

only two hours in tampa? too bad... no better place to be than in tampa!

Cincysundevil said...

NML .. Thanks!! Any advice or anything you could come across would be great!!

Mcgibfried .. Actually I did 2 tours while I was in the Army at MacDill AFB, at Centcom. I was there first from Nov. 1991 to July 1993 and then again from Nov. 1994 to July 1996. I loved Tampa; especially Ybor on the weekends!