Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Here are some of those guys who are praying that the Supreme Court recognizes that the 10 Commandments monuments only represent our legal historical background. What really bothers me about this picture is that these self-appointed holy men came from all over the United States just to make a public spectacle of how "holy" they are. Just imagine what the money that they spent on traveling, lodging, and food could do to help a homeless family or the poor in their communities. Maybe these are those "compassionate conservatives" I keep hearing the Anti-Christ talk about in his speeches; you know, the ones that have trickle down economics at heart (i.e. Give even more money to the rich, they'll know how best to give it to the poor). Hypocrisy is an ugly thing.
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Hopefully they're praying that the court will erect a monument of Buddha, Mohammed, the Star of David, and statues of Enlightment thinkers to truly celebrate our historical legal foundations. But I'll bet they're not .............

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