Monday, May 16, 2005

It's Ruben's Fault For My Train Of Thought Here!!!

If anyone gets the chance, there are some outstanding blogs listed on the right hand side there. I've added a few recently including Modigli, Ruben, and yournamehere. If you guys get the chance, please check them out. They've got some great stuff going on in their blogs.

Now Ruben has gotten me thinking ... and not in a good way. He has a post which had me laughing so hard, I thought I'd piss myself (in of itself a gross thought, but pretty funny when you think about it). But now it's got me thinking ... who at MY job is having sex? And where would they be having sex????

So as I walked around today, I was completely trying to read faces of people when they talked. Could the old guy and the young TECH girl be fucking over someone's Dell monitor? What about the guy and the gal who locked themselves into one of the key card access rooms the other night alone only to reappear later looking as if the room was a bit warm (or was I imagining that)? What about the folks down at the company cafeteria? Are any of them having gratiutous sex over the cabbage rolls? Is that why you never seen them eating anything they've cooked? What about the cleaning staff at night? Is that guy not only waxing the floor, but waxing that ass as well?

And all through the office, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
well, maybe a rabbit ......

And other than on cabbage rolls, where would one have sex in my building? I guess there are some darkened rooms and small cubbyholes here and there. I will now spend the next week or so examining my co-workers to see if I can trace the hint of sexual impropriety anywhere! But then again, I do work with nothing but lawyers who are way too conservative and uptight. Their idea of flaunting it is unbuttoning the top 2 of 3 buttons on a polo. I'm sure Modigli has some wild teacher stories. I know NML will have some crazy office hijinks there in London probably involving some cohorts and the boss' desk. Maybe I'll be able to give you some wild story .... but probably not. Ahh, the things I do to pass my days by.


NML said...

I have been very well behaved at work thank you very much ;-) But I have heard of quite a few colleagues having a cheeky screw in the meeting room although I think the boss got wise to it because they lock them after work. There has been rumours of a few guys being caught having a cheeky wank in the afternoon to pass the time as well. Oh and two of the guys snogged each other for a bet, but I don't know if that was at the office!

Cincysundevil said...

Aaahhh ... sorry NML, I meant to say that I'm sure there are some stories around your office about crazy hijinks!

MoDigli said...


First off -- thanks for all the kind words on my blog! And for linking me. You're too sweet ... awwww, shucks! :))

Oh god! If you think lawyers are uptight, it gets worse with teachers. Oy! I can't even imagine the thought of walking into the teacher's lounge to get a glimpse of that. I know exactly who it would be, too! And it wouldn't be pretty. These two are always flirting with each other. (one married, one single). I would have to get my mind erased if I witnessed those two sneaking around. ew!

This reminds me of a funny story an ex-bf told me once. He never witnessed anything first hand; but he did notice this very distinct ass-print on the boardroom table one morning! Oooops!

(Ohhh! that would be a great premise for the next season of Apprentice, wouldn't it?!)