Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Devil Is Cheap And Easy .....

Lists are cheap and easy .... sorta like the Devil on a date, heh-heh. So here is a list of movies for guys who like movies according to the Devil .....

The Shawshank Redemption: I've never met or heard of a guy who didn't like this movie. Definitely an American classic and always on TNT reruns. This is one of those ultimate guy movies.

Red and Andy checking out the ladies (on the screen of course)

Dumb and Dumber: A touching piece of cinematic history. Touching and tender, nothing is more touching that watching 2 guys take a cross country trip and grow closer. And as wrong as it is, I laughed like a madman when the blind kid was petting the parakeet (which had it's head taped back on with duct tape .....)

Toe nails suck!

Tombstone: This is a great just a simple revenge story. You kill my brother and I'll hunt down each of you and make you pay. Historically inaccurate as hell (I'm sorta of an Old West history buff ... no reenactments thank you very much), but still good fun.

These guys are going to see a man about a horse ... literally!!

Fast Times At Ridgemont High: In high school, I wanted to be Jeff Spicoli.

My high school hero .. Jeff Spicoli
Every redblooded (not a reference to the GOP) guy in the world has watched this for one scene. Phoebe Cates gave me those "special feelings" when I was still in junior high and saw this the first time. Her husband is a lucky fucker and a great actor as well!

This scene still gives me those "special feelings"

Young Guns: Do you think I like westerns? I saw this in college the first time and proceeded to see it like 5 more times at theaters across Albuquerque. The fact that it was about Billy The Kid made it all the more appealing and filmed entirely in my home state made it even more appealling.

Pre-coke/hooker Charlie and Pre-24 Keifer

Goodfellas: Oh yeah baby. This one is fucking awesome. Nothing is more awesome than when Ray Liotta confronts the 3 pricks that fucked with his future wife and beats the one guy down with the butt of his pistol. Oh man, this movie is awesome beginning to end.

I'm funny how? ....Like a clown funny?... How the fuck am I funny Henry?

Jackass: I've said enough about Knoxville and this movie. It is an American classic.

New environmentally friendly nipple clamps from the Eco-Hustler store

Any Cheech and Chong movie: From Next Movie to Up In Smoke, these guys are still hilarious after all these years. Stoner/slacker humor is always funny.

The original Los Guys

The Blues Brothers: This is about the only musical to ever make a list of guy movies. Awesome movie with great music and Belushi was a master of making the small things funny as hell. Ray Charles and even John Lee Hooker are in this movie as well.

Two whole chickens and a Coke and dry white toast

Smokey and the Bandit: Another movie that for some reason, the guys still love. If this is on TV, I'll find myself watching this even if I catch it halfway through it.

Homeland security cuts by the Bush administration have really hit hard

Animal House: Anyone who's been to college and especially if you were in a fraternity, this is required viewing.

Why isn't everyday life this much fun?

Black Hawk Down: One of the best war movies ever. As soldiers would say, this shows you what "being in the shit" is like. Fast, furious, confusing.


Saving Private Ryan: This was the first war movie to really show what war is. As a former soldier, I know that it is not glorious. War is ugly; war is guys shitting themselves; grown men crying for their mothers as they lay dying. I think the Anti-Christ and his chickenhawk cabinet (most of whom NEVER served in the military) need to rewatch this movie to remind them of what war truly is.

Anticipation is a bitch

Old School: Great movie here. Nothing is funnier than Will Ferrell running naked down the street and asking if KFC is still open!!!

Kerri Strug has really let herself go

High Fidelity: Any single guy over the age of 30 will go through the whole "what is it all about" thing. This movie is the perfect vehicle for capturing that male angst.

Cusack's t-shirt is awesome! Why would I think that ... heh-heh?

Of course, this list isn't all inclusive. Feel free to add your nominations for guy's movies.


NML said...

The Shawshank Redemption is liked by everyone. I absolutely love Dumb and Dumber and as for Jackass - I nearly died laughing when I watched that. The guy doing a #2 in the toilet in the store was one of the funniest things I've ever seen!

yournamehere said...

Great list. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is classic. "You're a daisy if you do."

I'd like to add Caddyshack to the list. Witty dialogue, slapstick, Ted Knight, gratuitous nudity, Bill Murray, Lacey Underalls, and Rodney Dangerfield. Also, as Danny's love interest, the worst actress ever captured on film. "Tahnk's for nuttin." If you pay close attention when Danny is in bed with her, her feet are as dirty as hell. They're jet black from dirt.

Cincysundevil said...

NML ...
Very true; everyone likes the movie; I just always seemed to view it as aimed more toward the male audience
Great movie! Rodney is the best in the golf shop "Oh, it looks good on you though". I'll have to watch out for that girl's feet ... I wonder if I can google it?