Friday, May 06, 2005

Cinco De Letdown

So Cinco De Mayo was a letdown. No mariachis, no great music, nothing resembling a palm tree or cactus anywhere. All of bars had their DJ's trying this line to get the girls to get up, dance, and show some tits .. "It's Cinco De Mayo in Ohio". Some bars didn't even have Coronas. The Cinco De Mayo "special" would be like $2 Bud or Miller Lites. What a letdown. I don't expect people in this part of the country to roll out the red carpet for Latinos on this day. BUT, if you own a bar, take advantage of the fact that you have a growing Latin population in your city. So we ended up at one bar and had 16 oz. $1 Miller Lites. Not too bad and I think I had 5 plus a Corona (which wasn't on sale). I think the bar we were in had some small band poster with "CINCO DE MAYO!!!" scribbled in with a black permanent marker.

Fucking dollar Miller Lites

Well, I had my beers and woke up sorta groggy. So about the best I could do is suggest this hangover cure. Repeat it as often as is necessary to cure your hangover and you might not want to do this in the office ... heh-heh.

I'd like to do more drinking in exotic places myself. I think Bob has the best idea for traveling the world. People just take him along any place they go. I'd love to be in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day; go party in Ibiza; be in the UK during St. George's Day. Someday ... I'm still a young man yet!!


NML said...

Hate to break it to you Cincy, but St Georges Day isn't a mega day here, well not for anyone I know. :-) But St Pats is a great day although I don't do anything for it since I moved over from Ireland because I don't get the day off for it in England!

JHD said...

Sorry you didn't have a good a time as you were hoping for. Elsa's ran out of Coronas by about 7:30pm, but since I was drinking Strawberry Bad Juan Margaritas I didn't care much. K had a couple Negro Medellos instead (Not sure if that's the right spelling or brand name since I wasn't drinking them.) Place was wall to wall older people, and a few idiots who thought bringing their children to a bar was an appropriate thing to do.

All in all, not much fun for me either. And coming to work the next morning with a hangover sucked too. Very smart of you to take a vacation day.