Sunday, May 08, 2005

Why My Mom Is The Best

Aaahhh yes ...
Mother's Day it is. There is no being on earth more perfect, more loving than your good ole mom. I think Mother's Day should come more than once a year. I know it might take away from the specialness of the occassion, but mom's really do deserve it. My mom is an incredible lady and if anyone deserves for every day to be a great day, it's her.

The best way to describe how wonderful my mother is is to give you a story. My mother had a pomeranian, Precious, that she absolutely adored. I mean, my mother doted on this dog like it was a grandchild. So mom would go to work and during lunch, she'd come home and let Precious out into the yard for a bit and then bring her back in when she left. Well, one day mom lets her out into the backyard. 15 minutes later, mom calls her back in and realizes that she is gone. Mom panics and drives around the neighborhood but can't find her. Mom is distraught for about 2 days 'til Precious turns up at home.

All is fine and mom decides to keep on eye on her. So she puts her in the backyard again and she notices Precious goes to a small hole she's dug under the fence. Mom follows her about 2 blocks to a house. There, an old lady lets Precious in and feeds her. Mom goes over and knocks on the door and talks to the lady. The old lady had been feeding her,taking care of her, and was absolutely in love with Precious. My mom sorta knew who the old lady was (actually knew her family) and knew she had no family nearby. My mom told this lady to keep Precious with the only caveat being that if she decides to move or needs to be rid of the dog to simply let her know so she could come get her. Mom just says that well, she had the boys (my nephews) and my siblings to keep her company.

Mom loved that little dog. She really did, but that is my mom. She always puts others first and did so again this time. That is part of why I've tried so hard to get ahead in life so that when my mom needs something, I can do it no questions asked. Mom has always been my number one fan (although I don't tell her about my blog) and if she knew about this, she'd probably comment everyday just so I'd know someone read it. Mom will give me the shirt off of her back if she thinks it will help me. She also knows when it's time for you just to face the music and deal with the consequences.

Mothers Day is also a bit sad for me as well. See, I live far from home and only get to see mom at holidays. She's always said that she knew from an early age that for me to be happy, I'd have to be out there chasing down the things that make me happy. These things, she says, would take me far from home. She knew it from the moment I started school. Mom was in the car bawling because it's my first day of school. When she stops in front of the school, I just say "Bye mom!!" and I bolt out the door up to the teachers. So when I do get home for the holidays, I notice my mom looks older every year. It breaks my heart because I wish I had the luxury of being closer so I didn't notice the gradual changes.

But today isn't a day to think of sad things, it's a day to be grateful for the one person who loves us no matter how badly we fuck up, no matter how hard we fall, no matter how much of a mess we get ourselves into ... mom is there. So this post is a bit sappy .... yeah, but moms deserve to know they're the best. Thanks mom and I love you.


barb said...

aw, what a great post. I hope you print it out and mail it to her so she can know also what a great son she has!

trix said...

hand me a tissue already
that was sweet

NML said...

You're too sweet you know. I bet you'll be snapped up soon ;-)

MoDigli said...

Wow - your mom really IS the best. :) I can't beleive she gave Precious away. I love people like your mom. They make the world SO MUCH better to be in. She definitely deserves more than one day per year to know that she rocks!

MoDigli said...

Hi. Me again.

I've been thinking about this story all day. I read it this morning before going off to work, and it's just been kinda floating around in my head all day. Had to come back and write something more.

I was thinking about that cheesy old saying "if you love someone, set them free". Yeah, yeah, it's cheesy and cliche, I know. But it's also really true. And this story just totally proves that your mom knows the real meaning of love.

She was willing to let you go to persue your dreams. She didn't guilt you or complain so you would stay close to her. She sent you off to go grab that dream. And she did the same thing with Precious, letting her go to brighten the days of a lonely woman in her golden years.

Your mom is still there, open for either of you to return to spend some time together; but not forcing anything.

I don't know -- I just love this story. It's cool how mom's really do know the true meaning of love.

Cincysundevil said...

Thanks guys ... those comments mean alot to me!!