Friday, May 13, 2005

The Work Is Killing Me

My new shift is killing me folks. I've finally managed to work my way down in time. I was working from 12 to 9, but after a year, I've gotten down to 10:30 to 7:30 which is actually perfect. I miss morning traffic and I miss evening traffic.

The problem is that for a year now, I've been 12 to 9. My body is still in that mode for now. It's amazing how long it takes your body to adjust to something like this. Also, parking is now a problem. When I went in at noon, I had my choice of spots because everyone goes to lunch between 11 and 1. So I'd cruise into the parking lot directly in front of my building and pull in .. no problems. Now, I've got to drive to the backside of the building. That may not seem like much of a problem for most, but you've got realize we have like 4000 people working in our buildings. The campus is like the size of a junior college. So now I'm parking way way way on the backside. It's taking me 10 minutes just to get inside the building now!!

BUT, it is great getting off of work when the sun is still out. I can now go to the grocery store when all the single people are there and think of a new excuse why I don't talk to the single women.

The Devil is going to a bowling fundraiser, so we'll see how that goes and we'll see if I can crack 100. Don't laugh; I'm the world's worst bowler. I can send a ball down the lane straight up the middle only to watch it veer at the last second into the gutter. My co-workers who have bowled with me are astounded by my ability to miss the pins in those 2 or 3 feet before contact should be made. Wish me luck!!

No, that's not me ... but that is how I look during lunch at my desk everyday

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NML said...

I don't know how you work till 7.30. Even though I hate early mornings, I'm programmed to want to stop working by 5/5.30 pm. I remember when I worked from 5pm till 2am and it damn near killed me. I had no life during the week and it took me ages to get back in sync. Hope you enjoyed your bowling!