Monday, May 30, 2005

A Touchy Devil On This Day Especially ...

If you're offended by swearing, you might want to just skip this entry. You see, Memorial Day has been a touchy day for me the past couple of years. As a veteran, I'm the guy who loves his country so much that I'd rather go off to fight for this country and get spit on when I get off the plane because I know that it's a free country and that people can express their anger against the government (hopefully not directed at me in this way). You see, I've been to countries where they don't have that freedom of expression. I've seen skin nearly peeled off of college students in South Korea when they're blasted with water cannons for protesting against the government. I've been to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and have seen first hand how oppressive a government run by any religion can be. If you ever want to see me shed a tear, let me hear some old veterans tells stories about WWII and what happened to their buddies at Iwo Jima or in Normandy; take me to the VFW where a Vietnam vet is telling me how his buddy was blown up by a shoe shine boy who had a claymore strapped to his body; play taps ... I swear, I'll break down and sob. To this day, my heart beats like a bass drum everytime I hear "And The Army Goes Rolling Along" and I still get chills when I hear the National Anthem.

Right now what is going on in this country that disgusts me more than anything are these chickenhawk cocksuckers sending off our finest to die in a war predicated on bullshit, corporate greed, and flat out lies. Watch out folks ... I'm the last of the raging liberals and I'm building up a head of steam.

You see, I've had the honor, the blessing, and the privelege of leading some of those men. I cannot express the love, respect, and admiration I have for those fighting right now. To be sure, when these men and women screw up like some have in the P.O.W. camps, I'm the angriest and most hurt. Why? Because (no offense to anyone out there) I hold them to a higher standard because they are better Americans than most.

And yet tomorrow, the Anti-Christ and his chickenhawk cabinet will go around, kiss babies, wave flags and then propose cuts to the Veteran's Administration (VA) hospitals when everyone is lulled back to sleep. Tomorrow there will be parades with people waving flags and the mantra of support the troops. They'll buy some cheap fucking magnetic yellow ribbon or some American flag ribbon made in China whose purchase goes to help no one but Wal-Mart, hold their hands over their hearts and shed a tear for a moment. They'll drive off with their Bush-Cheney stickers on their cars and proclaim how this nation needs to support this war.

There will be some piece of shit 29 year old guy driving a BMW, listening to Rush Limbaugh, watching Sean Hannity, reading Anne Coulter bad mouthing those who speak out against the war. This same piece of shit could enlist but he won't. He "believes in the war" but he is just like so many of those other fucking cocksuckers ... "let's go to war as long as I don't have to fight in it". This is how Bush and his buddies see it ... "war is good as long as I nor my kids have to fight it".

The cartoon above really illustrates what I fucking hate most in this world. People who will criticize those who speak out against the war. In my final year of law school, I was clerking at a downtown law firm. Because parking was a bitch, we had to ride a shuttle out to the parking lot. So this one day I get on and there is a group of protesters banging drums in front of the courthouse and chanting "No war". This piece of shit across from me, about 30 years old, mumbles, "Look at those idiots. They don't even know what they're protesting about." as if I'd be sympathetic because I was wearing a suit. I looked him dead in the eye and told him, "I'm glad they're doing it. You see, I did five and a half years in the Army and I've been to places where you get jailed or beaten or executed for doing what they're doing. I think its great that they're exercising their Constitutional rights." I said all of this with my voice barely under control because I feel my anger getting the best of me, but with a smile that said "top that". That sack of shit sat there quiet, his eyes never meeting mine again because he knew deep down inside that he was a fucking coward.

How dare this piece of this shit say this to me. How dare this fucking right wing cocksucker complain about people exercising their rights under the banner of freedom that I and so many others provided willingly with our lives if need be. How dare anyone say this war is a good thing. If it is, then get your worthless fucking asses over to a recruiter today. I'm sick and fucking tired of people in this country willing to send poor kids off to fight a war for the rich man who wraps up his greed in God and country and then tells you you're un-American if you don't do what he says. All I can is to these people is FUCK YOU!!! Fuck all of you who sit there in your suburban homes, your fucking lazy rich asses basking in the freedom and security that I and so many other provide!!! Get out of the LazyBoy and go down and enlist if you believe this is a righteous war and you really believe in the lies that our cocksucking president has fed you!!! Even better, send your kids off to fight the war you believe in so much!! I'm sick of you fucking assholes sitting there on the sidelines, driving your gas guzzling SUV which necessitates invading some 3rd world country so that you can gas for under a $2.oo a gallon!!! Fuck all of you when you listen to that fat tub of shit Limbaugh, that schizo idiotic bitch Coulter and that fucking pussy Hannity ... they spoon feed you propaganda and you're too fucking dumb to even question anything they tell you!!!! Did any of them serve in the military? How many of you chickenhawks have put your asses on the line to fight?? You fucking people rattle the sabers, beat the drums, let loose the dogs of war but you're gonna cut funding to help the G.I.'s when they get home and need help from the V.A.!!! Put your money where you mouth is and enlist ... but I know you won't ... because you're cowards hiding behind the flag .. you figure if you sing "God Bless The USA" enough times, wave enough flags, put up enough yellow ribbons that you've done your part!!! You fucking lazy sacks of shit!!! The war machine that the Anti-Christ and his buddies have awakened needs bodies ... not useless symbolic actions!!

Nothing in this world make me sicker than watching rich folks send off poor kids to fight in a war so that their stock portfolio can get a little fatter. Do you fucking idiots think that G.E., Haliburton, and all those other greedy corporations really want to capture Osama? Isn't it in their best interest to keep the war going? Isn't it in their best interest to have the military order another couple thousand smart-bombs at a couple million a piece? Isn't it in their best interest to keep government contracts going so that Haliburton can make a few billion more?

Guess who?

I'm sorry I've ranted and raved ... I just get disgusted by the hipocrisy that runs rampant in this nation. This nation used to be about people who were willing to step up when the situation called for it. Now we just wave a damn flag and quit questioning our leaders because it's too much work. We've become a lazy nation of sheep. We're being led to the proverbial slaughter all the while smiling and waving flags. All I'm saying is that if you really believe in this war, if you really believe this war is the right thing, then go and enlist. Those guys have been there a long time. Most of them were told they were coming home after a year only to be extended time and time again. The more of you that believe in this war and enlist, the more of them can come home ... simple as that.

If you really wanna do something to support the troops, go beyond the empty gestures of tomorrow. Visit a V.A. and talk to the vets there. Organize a drive to get local troops care packages. Write letters to the troops. Write your Congressional representatives telling them to bring our troops home and to increase V.A. funding. As someone who has been there, doing those things will mean so much more than simply sitting around tomorrow and waving a flag.




Lindsay said...

Great post, Cincy. The chickenhawks drive me crazy, too...why isn't the army sending recruiters down to the college republicans meetings?

Thanks for serving :)

yournamehere said...

You said what I believe but your words carry about a million times more weight since you served and I didn't. Bush was a deserter who should have been court-marshalled; instead he played on post-9-11 fears to become a two-term president.

Cincysundevil said...

You've got it exactly right; you've got some great stuff going on in your blog. Keep it up!
Thanks for the comments. I've been tempted to go to the local Republican meetings, stand outside the meeting, and hand out recruiting pamphlets since they're so gung-ho.
As usual my friend, you've hit the nail right on the head with your comments. The Anti-Christ and his evil sidekick did play the 9-11 card even though neither of them served.