Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Living Here Sux .. But This One Apt. Is Nice

So on Sunday afternoon, I had a meeting with my leasing office at my apartment complex. You go through the usuals: the fake smile; the disingenious concern about their lack of having seen you around the complex ("Gosh, you must be working like crazy. I haven't seen you around in ages!"); the seeming innocuous questions that simply point to the fact that they have no fucking idea who you are ("Now you have a small dog, right?" ... "No, I've been here 2 years but no dog."); and there there is the offer that is in your best interest ("Well, your rent is only going up by $20 a month, so we definitely need to get you locked in at this rate as soon as possible.").

Well, sitting there completely disgusted with my complex and their lack of building maintenance, I was somehow moved to start asking about different apartments. The leasing officer's face lit up like a 100 watt bulb at this point.

"Well what are you looking for?"

"Something where I get a bit more sunshine and with a washer/dryer."

"We do have these units that are one bedroom and equipped for a washer/dryer or we can equip them."

This was up my alley. She walks me over to an apartment within the same area as mine. It's a 2nd story which is fine with me because there are no neighbors overhead fucking like banshee which only serves to remind me that my shift under the bridge is upcoming. But the difference between my hovel and this new apartment is apparent. This place is huge and it's airy. It faces south so there is a ton of sunshine on the patio so that my skin tone might begin to faintly resemble my ethnicity. The front room is a lot larger than my current apt. and it even has a fireplace. The balcony isn't surronded by 5 pine trees that are nice in the summer but end up with their branches all over my railing in the winter. Plus I could finally get my DirectTV so I can watch my Spanish TV channels to bone up on my espanol.

The problem? Get this ... my complex wants a $250 transfer fee!!! And with a W/D hookup, it runs another $50. So my rent would be $649. The more I think about it, the more I think it might be time to move. But, I did love the apartment, but the transfer fee and nearly an extra $70 in rent might be motivation to look elsewhere.


MoDigli said...

hey... the new place sounds awesome. Fireplace AND washer/dryer?!!!! Hellooooo!!

Smart idea to look around the neighborhood, though. You might end up with a better deal across the street or something.

BTW, I have annoying neighbors, too; but they don't fuck like banshees -- thank god! I guess they got over that about 5-10 years ago, cause they just have obnoxious kids who like to stomp and yell.

yournamehere said...

There's always a place down the road. Tell your leasing agent this and ask for one month's free rent pro-rated over a year. That will reduce your monthly rent. Ask them to wave that ridiculous transfer fee and if they won't say "Well, (nearby competitor) only wants a fifty dollar move-in fee." If you aren't agressive enough send someone in as your proxy.

Pirate Bride said...

Cincy darling,

I pay 800/month for no washer & dryer, no fireplace. . .and it's a total crackerbox! But I love it :)

My neighbor is the asshat I was seeing on & off for the past two years, which greatly complicates things. If he and/or his crazyassed girlfriend/fiancee ever made any noise, I'd have to pop a cap in 'em (heee! Ok--more likely that I'd just give him a black eye.)

I agree with Mo and Your. . .look around and let them know you're not happy. See what can happen! There's always something around the bend, whether it's in the next building or down the road!

JHD said...

Well, considering the fact they never fixed the water leakage on the ceiling of the apartment or did some (any?) of the other repair issues you've mentioned, you should tell them that despite that, you're willing to remain in their complex and transfer apartments without the fee (or suing them for breach of habitability). C'mon Devil, use some of the lawyering skills I hear you have and negotiate yourself into a better apartment! ;)

C-List said...

Ah, complaining about getting a big one bedroom for $649/mo will win you absolutely no sympathy with a S. Californian...

How big? How airy?