Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dennys Is Evil

It's almost as if they know me. It's almost as if someone from their chain has a microchip implanted in my brain and is transmitting my thoughts to their marketing division. Denny's has come up with not one, but 2 new breakfast concoctions that are a dream come true. The first is basically scrambled eggs with bacon, ham, sausage, and cheese and covered with sausage gravy. The second is hashbrowns in a bowl covered with all of the above. Why must they torture me so? I'm a carnivore to the bone and this basically designed to draw me into a Denny's and clog my arteries. Damn you Dennys!!!!

On another less damnig note, I came across this website which is hilarious. They didn't give the Der great reviews, but I still love the Der when I'm home on vacation. This guy did a whole review of the Der. Hell, The Descendents even wrote a song about the Der. Enough food talk or I'll end up at my local ER with gravy clogging my heart ........

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