Monday, April 25, 2005

Return Of The Geeks And Triumph

I loved Star Wars as a kid. I wanted to grow up to be Han Solo. You know, the cocky, wisecracking sort of guy that the ladies fall in love with. I remember vividly seeing the original Star Wars in the theater back in this small New Mexico town. I remember there being a line, which was unheard of in that small town. Mom dropped me off with a friend and we stood in line. I felt like such an adult because my mom dropped us off. Of course, she was across the street waiting in the car to make sure we got in. Nonetheless, adulthood at that moment seemed pretty damn cool. For the next few hours, I was completely blown away. I remember walking out of there with my friend just babbling about the movie over and over. For the next few years, I was still babbling about the movie.

Then you get older and you discover girls. You discover football. You discover other things that get you up and out of the house. You discover the guitar. You discover something that doesn't relegate you to living in your mom's basement 'til you're 40. Well, nearly all of us did .... except for these folks. Maybe someone should set these poor folks straight ... oh wait, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog did. The clip is fucking hilarious!!!!

So please, if you're going to see the new Star Wars on opening day, at least get into the right line unless those guys who started camping out earlier this month. Enjoy the clip; I promise it'll make you laugh (especially since it's not even hump day; we all need a good laugh!!).

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NML said...

I like Star Wars when I was very, very little but have absolutely zero interest now. Funny post though!