Sunday, April 24, 2005

Cheatin' Hush Puppie Love

Last night, I was catching an episode of my fave guilty pleasure,Cheaters. The format of the show is that they interview the person who contacted the show and then proceed to the video clips showing the infidelity in action. After this, they'll show the person being cheated on reviewing the footage and then the confrontation, which is what we all want to see.

Now, this past Sunday night, the interview was with a lady ("cheated") talking about her fiance ("cheater"). She's telling this story about how great things were with her fiance and how he actually proposed. You're going to think I'm the biggest snob in the world for laughing at this. But when she told the story, I was half asleep on the couch drifting into oblivion. Apparently, he took her to dinner at a classy establishment, namely Red Lobster. Nothing wrong with the Lobster if you want some seafood and don't want to shell out some big bucks. However, I hardly consider this a romantic location. Anyways, the cheated is relating that she went to bite into a hush puppy and nearly cracked her tooth on something hard. It was her engagement ring!! I nearly choked on my tongue laughing at this.

First of all, not much needs to be said about the setting. Hardly romantic; much like proposing at a Denny's or Waffle House. In addition to the overall hilarity of the situation, my analytical mind was thinking, "How did he convince them to place the ring into the batter?" ... "Wouldn't it burn her mouth since the metal conducts heat?" ... "Wouldn't the ring be full of grease?" Oh, I'm so going to hell for laughing at that!!!


JHD said...
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JHD said...

You were so going to hell before this, all this proves is that you better custom order your handbasket. The velvet plush ones are especially cozy and comfy.

Pirate Bride said...

Ok, hold up.

Red Lobster????


This is obviously from a person for whom Olive Garden = authentic Italian eating. ("Italian" = "eye-talian).

Now before you call me a snob, I'm just saying that they're both perfectly good places to eat and I'd be happy to go to dinner at either one.

But to profess one's love?? Come ON.
It's just not right.

Now excuse me, are you going to eat all that scampi?

no one said...

Here in the UK, a 'Hush Puppy' is a footwear brand, usually for old people. I take it the restaurant didn't serve up deep fried carpet slippers... so what does it mean to you?

NML said...

Hilarious! Here in the UK, proposing to someone at Red Lobster is completely chav. I would have been mor-ti-fied! I think that the equivalent place here in the UK is Harvester - super chav! That's true about Hush Puppies being shoes by the way. What did yours mean?

Cincysundevil said...

Brat & NML-
A hush puppie is nothing more than a bit of cornbread deep fried; it's usually shaped like a ball; very greasy but pretty good too

no one said...

Ah. All becomes clear.

It might have been less 'chav' to put it in a carpet slipper, but you gotta give him points for trying.