Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Where Do The Single People Go??

I've lived in this city devoid of civilization for nearly 2 years now. There are probably 4 or 5 universities situated within an hour of the city, and yet, there is no vibrant life here. I know a big part of that is I work a job that has me from noon to 9 PM and that shift isn't likely to change anytime soon. I was hoping that I might get bumped down to getting off at 8 by this summer, but the way things are progressing at work, I'll be lucky to get down to 8 PM by the end of the year. Now, the traditional convention about where to meet single people probably doesn't hold true in my case because of my work shift and my age (I'll be 35 next month ... eeewwwww).So far, here are some of the places I've tried to meet some single people and have failed miserably!!

1. Bars: Always seems like a winner, right? Wrong in this town. My experiences with bars in this town have not been the best. Apart from my last night out with the drunk, hand tatooed girl named "Tara" coming over to introduce herself, I see one of 2 creatures inhabiting the bars here. First, the ever present 21 to 23 year olds for whom the whole bar scene is new and exciting. While we all might wish we were 21 again and in the best shape of our lives, that time is well past me. I don't want to be drinking with inexperienced youth who haven't learned their booze limits yet. And the 2nd type of creature at the bar is the barfly. The older male/female, probably in their mid to late 40's. The woman still trying to dress like she's 26 who is there with her other bitter divorced friends. The guys cruising the bar, hitting on the 22 y.o. waitress who flirts with them to increase her tips, with their gold chains and bad clothes. No thanks, barland here is a glimpse into my future unless I get lucky soon!!!

2. The grocery store: Well, given the fact I'm not off of work until 9 PM, most single people have jobs with normal hours. They've finished shopping by the time I hit my local supermarket. After 9:30, the only people still shopping are single guys like myself; married guys out to pick up a few things; and shift workers who are almost never single women. "Aaaahhh Cincy, what about Saturday or Sundays?" you say ... well, Saturdays are terrible because no one is shopping at the grocery store on a Saturday. You want to be out doing things and enjoying your weekend. Sundays are a madhouse with families getting out of church or hitting the first day of the new weekly sales. Shopping, for me, is strictly out of necessity!

3. The bookstore / coffee shop: I've explored this avenue. Again, most coffeeshops here are only open til about 9 PM. Now, some bookstores are open until 11, but the only single people at the bookstore on a Saturday night are students who show up with textbooks. No one is really there socially.

4. Work: I've talked about this before. Remember, it's NEVER a good idea to get involved with someone you work with.

5. The gym: The gym I have a membership with is pretty dead in the mornings. I figure that most single people hit the gym after work. When I go in the mornings, the only people there are parents taking advantage of the free daycare while they work out or the elderly who have been up since the asscrack of dawn.

6. Take a class: I'm planning on doing this during the summer. I'm either going to take a drawing or a photography class on Saturdays. Watch out Walker Evans and Ansel Adams!

7. Internet Dating: I might do this during the summer as well. Right now to be honest, the profiles in my area are well ... not a good thing. There are far too many women in this area who will put either "NASCAR fan" or "Politics: Conservative" in their profile. And femullets are not attractive!!

So my friends, what do I do? I'm not sure where you've met your significant others or where you meet single people. I think my best option is to simply move to a place more amenable to singles.

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Earth Girl said...

it's a universal probelm. But I always think that you have more chance of finding love if you aren't looking for it.

But, that may be complete bollocks.