Thursday, June 23, 2005

Modigli's Meme

The always lovely Modigli tagged me ... OUCH!!

The ChildHood Meme: What 5 Things Do You Miss About Your Childhood?

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Let me start rubbing my chinny chin chin and start to reminisce ...

1. My sense of fascination with the world. I remember being completely fascinated with little creekbeds and small wooded areas. It was like my own small sanctuary away from the dog eat dog world of parents and little sisters. I could collect rocks for hours on end; turning over huge ones to see the bugs that lived underneath. Staring at the sky and night and wondering what in the world was out there (I still do that to this day and after Astronomy 101, I wonder even more). I could spend days looking for non-existent arrowheads at the family ranches.

2. My mom's cooking. Is there any greater feeling that coming in from playing outside in the cold and mom has a great dinner cooked? My mom is an amazing cook. She has a gift with food that I wish I did. I hope that someday I might cook half as well as she does; if I do, I'll be doing well.

3. My imagination. As a kid, you could create you own little world with the toys you were playing with. Every summer I'd spend with my cousins in Texas and we'd play with our Matchbox cars. We'd build elaborate roads by cupping our hands to smooth out the dirt, make homes out of small boxes, and so on. We'd play hide & seek in the middle of the night. We thought we were so cool because we had like 5 or 6 albums that my older cousins let us borrow and we'd play them ad nauseam.

4. Toys, toys, ... oh yeah, and toys. I guess it's true that boys never grow up; it's only the price of their toys that goes up. I have to be honest, I love X-Mas because every year we go overboard with toys for my nephews. We buy them the coolest and latest toys. Inevitably, my brother-in-law, my brother, and myself end up playing with them. And heaven forbid we break out the PS2.

5. Time off from the real world. Every once in a great while in that shit hole town I grew up in, we'd have a snow day in the winter. The area gets the tail end of Noreasters ( I think that's how it's spelled), those really shitty ice cold blasts that swoop down from like Nebraska and Kansas. We'd get a foot of snow and school would be cancelled. Apart from that, summers were freaking awesome. We'd play all day on bikes and just find stupid shit to get into in general.


MoDigli said...

Hey... nice memories, Cincy! I liked your first one about exploring in the woods. I had a couple summers where I did that, too. Great memories!

My friend, Allison, and I would pack a lunch and head off into the woods. We lived in Condos that butted up against a small highway. (two lanes, a median, two lanes) Across the highway was the woods. We'd actually cross the damn highway and head into those woods! Pretty nuts, actually. We're lucky we made it!

I remember the crawdaddies and just enjoying ourselves. Walking thru the creek, finding a little waterfall and swimming hole. It was great.

Then one day we found some dude's camp way way back there. He had a dentist's chair, firepit, a bunch of empty food cans, cooking stuff, and clothes. He was nowhere to be found, but that shit was recent. We made up all these stories of who he was. We went back a few times to see if it was still there, and it was. Then we got kinda freaked out, and maybe that was the end of those adventures! haha!

Cincysundevil said...

I loved the memories you shared. It's so great how active your imagination is as a child. You can create an entire world and existence apart from yours. Too bad we can't do that now and really live in it.

trix said...

i'm not sure i get this whole thing but i've tagged dennis in washington, because i don't know anyone in washington, and he kept my attention quite nicely.

Brookelina said...

I used to play with worms, so I am right there with you on the bug fascination - though I now abhor bugs!

Mo tagged me too. I finally just got around to writing mine up.

Cincysundevil said...

The tagged thing is fun. I can't wait to read your answers .. you always have awesome posts!

Cincysundevil said...

It's funny how we are completely fascinated with something only to completely despise it later in life.

I know that I still will find some bugs on the botton side of a rock and will completely fascinated for a second or two. Then reality kicks in. In Arizona, I once turned over a rock near a creek while camping only to find a scorpion underneath. I think my days of rock turning are now over.