Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Latino Rednecks

Of course, we've all come across this site by now, but damnit, I still laugh everytime I see it.
This is another great site here for some good laughs at work.

"NASCAR fans take it a bit too far" or Why I hate NASCAR"

The 2nd site contains such life changing quotes as "
Looks like she ran a 40 yard dash in a 30 yard gym. (an ugly girl)" or a bit of redneck wisdom I once heard from my best friend back in Jr. High who grew up in rural Tennessee, "Shes as ugly as a mud fence."

Tin Roof ... rusted (Remember that song, do ya? Name it!)

The funny thing about this picture is that if I were in New Mexico, I know I'd see someone doing the same thing to their car. My brother and I would be dying laughing at the guy. See, New Mexico is a rural state similar to West Virginia, Kentucky, or any other redneck haven. The main difference is that our rednecks might have last names like Martinez or Garcia whose families have lived in the same little town for like 200 years (sorta like the Hatfields and McCoys. Blood feuds in The Land of Enchantment? Yep, we got 'em too).

Redneck Car Alarm

There are some small towns in New Mexico my old man has talked about where he won't stop if he doesn't have to. He says that the families are clannish and do things to make outsiders moving into the area feel so unwelcome, they just end up moving. So redneck or even hillbillies aren't an Appalachian or southern thing only. Nope, we've got 'em in all varieties and colors. Even our lovely friends from the UK have their version, except they call 'em chavs or pikeys (just ask NML, Mark, Bridget, Earthgirl, or Alan). We've all got those "poor relations" we don't talk about too often.


Alan said...

Pikeys would be closer to your US rednecks, Chavs are something a bit different, they are more your inner-city street scum. Where I grew up in Gloucester we had the Forest of Dean across the river which is total "Deliverance" country only in the UK. There are a couple of towns in the Forest that are still carrying on a feud with each other from 150 years ago. If you see someone in Gloucestershire acting strangely or doing something stupid you tend to shrug and say "must be a Forester".

yournamehere said...

Sweet Jesus that photo scared me.

Elenamary said...

who is kenny roggers?

Cincysundevil said...

Thanks for clearing that up. The whole chav / pikey thing makes a bit more sense.
That guy will be hitting the Toby Keith place in Vegas before you know it!
C'mon .. Kenny Rogers. The country singer ... "Coward of the County", "Islands In The Stream" , "Lady"? .. lol .. but then again, if you didn't grow up in the country like I did, you might not be required to know who he is.