Sunday, June 12, 2005

Even Springer Has To Grow Up

Saturday was a great night. It was one of those nights where I had to drive over an hour to go a friend's going away party (which was fine; I get reacquianted with some old driving tunes). It was great to see some of the old cast from law school who starred in the feature film of my life .. (sigh; I know an autobiographical movie about me would be 2 hours of watching a guy scratch himself on the couch in boxers playing PS2 but damnit, it would have it's moments as well). Anyhow, we started drinking beer and wine and eating. Before you know it, everyone is discussing what they're doing with their lives, futures, work, etc.. One of my friends started talking about the place where she rents now and how it's driving her nuts. She stated that next summer, she was going to buy a place.

WOW! How grown up is that? I'm still renting a place with no thought of buying. I guess part of that lies in the fact that I'm going to be moving from here someday. There is no way in hell I can stay here longer than I absolutely have to. The plan is to be gone by next summer either to teach in the UK or grad school. Still, it's amazing to see people moving on with their lives. It's too funny to hear someone talk about buying a home when you know damn well he was stinking drunk, hitting on a stuffed moose head on a Wednesday night in law school. It's too funny to think about my friend PY in NYC signing contracts and deals for his firm when I know damn well this guy would rather be sitting in his boxers on the couch winning the BCS on X-Box. I get a kick out of watching a friend handle million dollar clients and formally shaking hands while I reminesce about the same girl who would run up to you in the pub, jump on you, wrap her legs around your waist, and dry hump your leg!

So all this has me feeling a bit like August and Modigli .. wondering if I'm behind the curve by still being single at 35, renting, and at a job you hate. The drive back home that night had me pondering about life and what not .. more of the what not (singing The Darkness' "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" in my Jeep with vocals sounding like a cat stuck under a fence). It's a strange feeling to see people younger than you moving forward with their lives; but then again, who is to say that doing those things is indicative of progress? Isn't coming to realizations about what you want to do progress? I guess that depends on who ya ask.

I noticed even Jerry Springer has grown up a bit. During the commercial break, they have their little message about calling in. It's changed so much that, well, frankly it's boring. The old messages were like "Are you a tranvestite hooker who is love with a married man who is secretly gay? If so, call us." Now, the message is like "Are you a woman who is cheating? If so, call us." Even Springer has dulled it's edge a bit. Quite sad honestly! It's as sad as a 35 y.o. man trying to ride a Big Wheel, play a Game Boy, and still get to the office on time ... still trying to keep that youthful edge while playing in the grown up's world.


MoDigli said...

I feel ya, Cincy. I have all those feelings. And yeah, I still rent, too. Sometimes I think it's cause I like my freedom and don't want to stick around here. Other times I think it's cause I'm a commitment-phobe who doesn't know how to make a good decision. Maybe it depends on the situation.

MoDigli said...

PS. BlogExplosion let me know you signed up via my link on my blog. Cool, cool! Thank you much!

I was able to find your site on their list by searching your name. I went in and rated your blog.

No one has rated my blog yet, though. Was wondering if you would go in and rate it? They won't let me rate myself! ha!

Cincysundevil said...

It's an odd feeling. I feel like I'm not grown up yet or like I'm still a big kid. It's okay though; at least I know I'm not the only one.

And consider yourself rated!

MoDigli said...

oooo... sweet. thanks!
I'm ganna go check it out now.

MoDigli said...

WOW! Delicious?! ... thanks, cincy! ;)