Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Impeach That Son Of A Bitch

Hey guys, go to the link down below and sign the petition. It's for a good cause and who knows; with enough pressure, the Anti-Christ just might have to give in to popular opinion, admit he lied, and bring the boys back home.

Subject: 500,000 signatures needed today to expose Iraq lies


I'm writing to ask you to join me in signing a MoveOn PAC petition demanding real answers from President Bush regarding the "smoking gun" Downing Street Memo.

To help get the truth about why we invaded Iraq, please sign this letter today.

The Downing Street memo is called a "smoking gun" because it contains the minutes from a British cabinet meeting in July of 2002, 6 months before the war began. During that meeting high ranking British officials reported that the Bush administration admitted it was already determined to invade Iraq, and was "fixing" intelligence about WMD's to justify the war.

This, of course, contradicts everything President Bush has told us about how he chose war as a last resort, and made that decision because he thought he had solid intelligence about the Iraqi WMD threat.

Bush has refused to even respond to the memo, but after Tony Blair's visit this week the pressure is really building. Representative John Conyers of Michigan is gathering 500,000 signatures and comments from American voters to take directly to President Bush at the White House gates and demand real answers. Please sign today and help get out the truth.



Ruben said...

America is in one of those mindless/blind/bigot phases that means they will continue to support Bush no matter how many U.S. citizens continue to get slaughtered in the war. Hell He could snort cocaine right off his desk in the oval office and they would still keep the moron in office.

MoDigli said...

hey Cincy, I followed your link and signed the petition. Let's hope this will bring some kind of change! :)

Cincysundevil said...

So true .. well, he's lied to Congress, all of America and the world. Plus he's failed at everything he's ever done in his life .. and he got re-elected. We are sheep in this country.
Thanks for signing the petition. I hope it does; it's funny how the GOP was ready to crucify Clinton for getting a blow job but not one of them has even mentioned the shit Bush has done.