Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm So Weak

I broke down tonight and had a slice of pizza and a Coke Zero. I know, I'm a weak bastard .... forgive me Father.

I called over to the gym on Friday to speak with my trainer who wasn't available, which was strange. He's always there ... I mean, he's got clients every day. So I'm beginning to wonder if he is no longer with the gym. That appears to be a huge problem in Atlanta with trainers; they're sorta fluid. One will be there about 3 or 4 months, then move on.

Anyways, I was told my trainer hadn't been there since Monday. So I called on Friday and spoke to one of the certified nutritionists. I explained my diet and that I was so fucking hungry despite having eaten like 6 Fuji apples, 4 containers of yogurt, 2 whey protein drinks, 2 quarts of water with lemon, and a small container of blueberries all by 2 in the afternoon. I explained how normally, 40 minutes on an elliptical trainer is a good workout but on Thursday, I was struggling after 15 minutes. I had no energy.
SO the nutritionist said to start adding in salad and green leafy veggies into my diet.

Tonight was the breaking point. I had a slice of pizza and a Coke Zero. It was sooooo fucking good. I don't want to eat anything sweet for a little while; at least, not for tonight. I know I'm weak, but I'll get back to the diet here shortly.

Now I'm off to eat a salad with a ton of veggies in it and some Caesar vinagrette (my fave dressing and very low cal). God, I sound like a teenage girl worrying about her weight ..........................

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MsAbcMom said...

Eat!! Any diet where you have to deprive yourself to an extreme is just no good.

I have been doing W.Watchers and I have to admit - it is pretty darn smart. I can eat anything I want but I just have to do it in moderation and be smart about the foods that I take in. I do eat enormous amounts of fruits and veggies and high fiber foods but I do enjoy carbs and my favorite...comida mexicana almost every week. (and I still lose weight!) Last week I lost 5 lbs!

The trick is that you just have to make the food you eat work for you so you don't have to work for the food you eat.