Saturday, December 30, 2006

Why Family Is Great

You know, sometimes you really forget how great it is to have family nearby. I mean, I know I have my cousins in Kennesaw, but it's nice to see other members of your family.

I downright envy those of you with relatives nearby. My problem is that for all the things I wanted to do with my life, I needed to move from home. My mother once told me a few years ago that she knew I'd never be happy living near them because there is nothing there for me (apart from family that is).

From the time I was a kid, my family knew I'd be moving away. On the first day of kindergarten, my mom drives up to the school and she is a bawling mess. She pulls into the lot and I say "Bye mom!!" and with that, I bolted out of the Blazer. Of course, mom caught up with me, made me give her a hug, tell her that I love her and all that jazz. Yeah, I was ready to go.

So tonight, I went up to my cousin's place in Kennesaw and I got a treat. Some of my family came into town for the New Year's Eve. The real treat was that menudo was already cooked when I got there. Once I had gorged myself on this along with a few Tecates, tamales were being made from scratch. Tomorrow I've got to pick up a dozen for myself.

It's just a real comfort to see this, though. I remember so vividly being at my grandmother's home since this was a regular occurrence. With my family, there is always food, drink, and laughter. Tonight was no exception and it felt so great to spend time with my family. It helps to ground me from time to time. We all need that.


A. Estella Sassypants said...

I can relate. My mom and I are fiercely close since I'm an only child and she's a single mom. Despite the fact that we're a small family we've always had a tight family unit that included my grandparents before they passed, my cousins and their spouses and all the kids. When I moved away for college at 18, and later when I left Texas at 22, I asked Mom if she was going to be lonely. She said she would miss me, of course, but she always knew I would want/need to go. It's a lonely feeling to be compelled by goals and some purpose that takes us away from home, but it's an even more glorious feeling to know that they understand it and are still supportive.

Lindsay said...

homemade tamales! I'm so jealous! Happy new year :)

Cincysundevil said...

Supportive parents are the best. I have so many cousins who let the whole family guilt thing overpower their desire to move away. It's pretty sad, but luckily my family didn't do that.

Cincysundevil said...

When you visit the ATL, I'll have to see about getting some more (because they'll be gone by then!!). Happy New Year to you too!!