Sunday, January 01, 2006

The New Year ... Resolutions or Not?

Happy New Year one and all, true believers (trying to do my best Stan Lee impression there). So the first thing in your mind is why in the hell does the Devil have a picture of Lou Holtz in his first post of the New Year? Didn't the Devil go to Arizona State and the University of Cincinnati and not Notre Dame?

OK, those who know me pretty well know that the only law school I wanted to get into was Notre Dame (and it was the only law school that rejected me). But, Lou's pic is up for another reason: New Years Resolutions.

See, when I was going through the whole grad school application process, it was super stressful. There I was with my best friend at the time, DR, studying for the LSAT, targeting which schools to apply to, worrying about grades in undergrad, so on and so forth. Now, I was lucky enough to work for Kaplan at the time, so I got a free LSAT course. One of the students there was a great lady named Debra.

Debra had been studying for the LSAT for about a year along with my center director and friend, Rosanna. Debra had been physically abused by an ex-husband and had some learning difficulties. However, Debra NEVER let this get her down; she just kept plugging away and was always the most positive person. Plus, she was a huge Notre Dame fan.

Debra was a partner in a medical facililty with about 10 or so doctors. Let's just say she was doing well financially. As a result, she went to convention where Lou Holtz was the speaker. She brought back a tape being sold at the convention and she brought it into the center one day for me to watch. It was amazing. If you get the chance to see Lou Holtz speak, DO IT!! I walked into work that morning a little down and came out charged up for the challenge ahead.

The thing that stuck in my mind was what he said about adversity. He said you should welcome adversity as an opportunity to change something that will make you better afterwards. I think that is my resolution this year: welcome adversity.

It's similar to that saying that "pain is just weakness leaving the body". I know that I have some shit in my personal life I need to straighten out and when I do, I'll be in such a better position. I will be free of so many of the things that drag my ass down right now. So in a nutshell, that is my simple resolution ... oh yeah, that and to get my ass into the gym.

Anyone got any resolutions out there besides me?


jennifer said...

10K in march/april.

MoDigli said...

nice. I like that - welcome adversity!
Well, then, I hope it comes and that you are able to tackle it head-on! :)

Ruben said...

Happy New years friend.

Cincysundevil said...

Great goal. I always say I'm going to run a 5k but I never do!

Cincysundevil said...

Hopefully I won't have to tackle too much adversity ... lol!!

Cincysundevil said...

Happy New Years to you as well, my friend!

N~Control said...

I never thought of myself as a devils advocate, but I think I like it! Thanks for stopping by!

Cincysundevil said...

Thanks for the comment! I'll definitely keep stopping by your blog as well!

JHD said...

Happy New Year, (insert part of the country here)devil!

My resolution this year is not to make any resolutions. I usually forget them anyway by, oh say, 15 January. And since they are usually things I should be doing, I should just go ahead and do them, rather than resolve to do them.

Cincysundevil said...

So in other words, you're resolution is just to what you're supposed to do anyways? Not a bad resolutions at all ... if I just had the gumption to do it ...