Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Job Hunt Is On

I've got to find a job and soon. This is the longest I've ever went without full-time work when I haven't been in school. Right now, I feel like a bum and not the kind in the picture. But it is a bum nonetheless.

I've gotten this restless feeling lately. I know it will come to an end soon. Apart from working for KR's company a few nights a week, I have no routine. I think a routine can be important when trying to get settled into a new place.

Of course, routine can get old. But right now, I'm dying to have a routine other than getting up at 9, sending out resumes, follow up phone calls, or driving to see ML.


Lindsay said...

Oh man, I hear you about wanting a routine. I think we have the same schedule, except I wake up at 9:30 ;). I'm so sick of sending out resumes and writing cover letters...I just want a freakin job where I can actually do something and get paid! Good luck on your search...at least we can commiserate together!

NML said...

Yeah it does suck when you fall out of the routine and you want and need to be in one. Good luck on the job search. I have my fingers crossed for you :-)