Sunday, July 10, 2005

Writing Up A Storm And Determining If I'm An Idiot

Remember those grad school applications? Naturally they all want a writing sample. So I dug up an old paper from my Immigration Law class and I'm revamping it. I've been doing additional research for the past few weeks and I started the rewrite on Saturday. It's amazing how much of a difference learning how to do real research helps. If there is one thing I can say about having to work in hell is that I have learned how to sift through huge volumes of materials and how to create smarter searches to narrow down what I'm looking for.

So Saturday afternoon I head over to my local chain bookstore (we all know the one with the B&N in their name) because ... well, they do have the Deathstar within and comfortable, quiet tables to work at. I started the rewriting process and let me tell ya .... I was rolling there for a while. I decided to rewrite the entire thing out first before typing it up again. I am already through about the first 3rd of the rewrite.

Now, while I was at said corporate bookstore, a lady close to my age (notice I didn't say young? ... heh-heh) grabbed a table behind me. Very cute, short, petite, dark hair with blue eyes. A definite cutie and no ring (it's the first thing I look at). But she sat down after getting her low-fat whatever it was she was drinking, put on her walkman, and started studying something with x-ray pics. So after about an hour, she walks over and very nicely asks if I wouldn't mind watching her things while she ran to the bathroom. Mind you, this is B&N in the more "upscale" (if you can call it that) part of town and there are only like 3 other people in the entire coffee shop area. But I told her that I'd be glad to watch her stuff.

This only brings up the Devil's own version of kryptonite ... how do you know when a lady is letting on that she might be interested? Now I've had guy friends who would insist that this was a signal. I don't wanna be that Chachi type-o-guy who takes everything a lady says as a come on with lines "I'll watch your books ... and I'll watch you while I'm at it." or "How you doing?". Every instinct I had was saying it meant nothing ... that it was only a friendly request. After all, she didn't want anyone to snatch her walkman and run out. Of course, I've thought that before only to have a nearby friend say "Dude, that was a total come on." Maybe I need to hire that Hitch guy to help learn to read signals.

My mind rationalizes this situation in different ways. In one case, it was completely friendly and she was just worried someone might run in and snag her walkman, skim milk latte, and books. It was a friendly request. But at the same time, she could've just walked over to the restroom and not say a word at all. Once I start talking to someone, I'm usually fine. But it's determining if that is a sign of interest or just a smile because my fly is open is another story. Now this opportunity has passed, but it's left me wondering if there is some general rule about how to read signals that a lady might be intersted in the Devil .....


A. Estella Sassypants said...

If she had licked your face it would've been a signal. It never hurts to throw out a cheesey line just to test the waters, though.

Good luck with the writing! I'm so glad to have my sample over and done!

Cincysundevil said...

I'll have to keep the licking thing in mind. It probably didn't help my situation that when she started talking to me, I immediately began to take off my pants.

SeaKitty said...

it was not a hit on you. sorry.

though i agree, it was stupid of her to ask. what's the point? i hate when people ask you to watch my stuff. what am i supposed to do if someone touches their stuff anyways? thankfully, i've never had to figure this out. i assume it has the same effect of me just leaving my crap laying there with everyone seeing me get up, so i never make this request of anybody.

i'm carrying on...

unless you kept catching her looking at you and quickly looking away, or not looking away, at least two or three times. cuz this is what i do when i'm curious about a guy. i can't stop peeking at them when i think they aren't looking. or i just hope they can feel my eyes on them, like they'll be psychic and know i want them to pay attention to me and let me know they're interested.

you will catch a woman looking at you if they're interested.

does that make a guy self-conscious?

many guys think any interaction, like asking you to watch her stuff, is hitting on them. but you are right. it is not.

blah blah blah.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Well, at least you didn't put your wang in her hand. Did you?

Cincysundevil said...

Thanks for reading and thanks for the advice there! I appreciate it. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for that.

I can't wait to check out your blog!

Cincysundevil said...

Naw .. I didn't. Should I have? It might have been romantic a la The Ladies Man.