Thursday, July 07, 2005


This is a tough post to write. I've thought about what I wanted to say and it's so hard to write anything that hasn't been said or expressed in some way. My thoughts and prayers are with the British tonight in this hour of terror. I'm glad that all of those wonderful bloggers in the UK are doing fine tonight and that they've come through alive and safe.

It's not a night for me to rant and rave about what the Anti-Christ and the other world leaders should do. It's a time to give thanks for my delivering my friends in the UK from harm and to offer up prayers for those who weren't so lucky.

The ironic thing is that Wednesday morning after the announcement that the Olympics would be held in London, I heard the best testimonial about the character of the English people. It was a story on ESPN radio I heard on my way to work that morning. The commentator was telling a story of how he was in London about 3 years ago at a great little pub. He was going on about how the English were accomodating and genuinely nice, patient, welcoming people. Unfortunately, a rude American decided that since it was raining outside, he wasn't going to smoke outside. Instead, he took a chair and parked his ignorant fat ass in the doorway, puffing away the whole time. The staff at the pub politely asked him to move to which this fuckstick refused all the while somehow blaming them for not having a covered patio for him to smoke under. This went on for some time and the American was just rude as fuck, but the staff never got rude, remained professional, and repeatedly kept asking him nicely to move because it was a fire code violation. The commentator raved about how wonderful the Brits were and how genuinely embarrassed he felt as an American at that moment. It's probably a strange segue but I felt that described the warm nature of the Brits perfectly. God bless the UK, it's people, and keep her safe.

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s4essene said...

Many thanks for your kind thoughts about London at this difficult time. There is a 'special relationship' between the UK and the US, if not between the presidents, at least, and more, between the peoples.

Take Care