Sunday, October 19, 2008

Holy Shit It's Christmas ... In October????

Every year, the Christmas season gets earlier and earlier. I was at an unnamed drugstore the other day and they've already got the Christmas shit up. What the fuck? It's not even Halloween. So along with candy corn, go ahead and pick up a can of that toxic fake-snow shit that pollutes windows in the deep South where there is no snow.

Whose fault is this? Whose grand idea is it to start making poor parents feel like shit for not being able to provide ungrateful demon spawn with that new sportscar just like that cunt from some bullshit staged "reality" show on MTV? Whose fault is it anytime we're glutted with cheap shit from China or repeated violations of worker's rights? Yep, it's the fucking evil empire .... Wal-Mart.

Apparently what I saw is in response to the hordes of cheaply made shit the evil empire is flooding the American market with. After all, what encompasses the spirit of Christmas more than spending money you don't have at a retailer whose labor violations record is longer than the list of excuses the GOP has been giving why Palin is qualified to be VP.

Truly Christmas is in the heart of that "labor" force in China working 14 hour days, 6 days a week. God bless us all, each and every one of us ... except those of you who don't subscribe to the right religion or political bent .... you un-American heathen!!

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Lindsay said...

Ugh, Target already has the Christmas stuff out right by the Halloween stuff...kinda disconcerting seeing a Rudolph yard display opposite a corpse bride costume...