Friday, April 20, 2007

What No One Is Talking About

First off, all of my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and famlies of the deceased of the Virginia Tech tragedy. No parent should outlive their child; there are few tragedies in this world that are greater than that.

Next, NBC is being condemned for giving that ass nugget exactly what he wanted by airing the tape of his rant. I agree that this fucknut shouldn't have been given any more airtime. The fact that 32 college students died is more than enough publicity. Yes, he was bullied. What this moron failed to realize is that there are more who are bullied than bullies. In the long run, geeks take over the world.

What is not being talked about in all of this Va Tech tragedy is the gun issue. Don't get me wrong: I love guns. I grew up shooting. At age 11, my old man and his friends took all of us kids out to a shooting range to teach us gun safety. I know that more people are killed every year by unloaded weapons that loaded guns. I know that you never put a loaded weapon in a car. I know that you keep the bullets in a separate location from the gun. I was a pretty damn good shot in the Army. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the same lessons.

Anti-Christ party candidate Mike Huckabee made comments that if people had been allowed to carry guns on campus, the tragedy might have been avoided. There was even a campus NRA group claiming the same thing.

What is lost on these braindead Nazis is that blaming gun laws for not stopping the tragedy is like blaming ants in a dirty house with food left out. Let's turn to the ant analogy. If you let people carry fly swatters in a dirty house, they might be able to swat a few ants. Why not just clean the fucking house? In other words, why not just make getting a gun next to impossible and pretty much hang anyone who commits a crime with a gun?? Instead, the GOP logic is to say that if we allowed more people to carry guns, this tragedy would've been averted. Instead of cleaning the house to stop ants from coming into the house in the first place, we'll just give more people fly swatters to kill ants.

And of course, there is always the 2nd Amendment. Yeah, I know it's a Constitutional right. But under the Anti-Christ's regime, the Constitution is just a "God-damned piece of paper." If you can limit Free Speech through Copyright and sedition laws (trust me, the White House is still trying to get these passed), then you can certainly limit the right to bear arms. Of course, politicians will cry and pass some more laws that provide no additional money to local law enforcement to enforce the new law and the old laws.

Mark my words, what we'll see once the furor of this tragedy dies down are more news reports about little old ladies or convenience store clerks who fought off a would be robber with a gun. Of course, no one will ask where the robber got the gun in the first place ........

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Lindsay said...

I think this is a clear case of a lack of communication between the state and feds regarding gun laws. This guy was involuntarily committed for a mental evaluation...why the fuck was he able to purchase two handguns when this made him ineligible according to federal law? I am all for the second amendment, but there needs to be better record keeping on this shit, plain and simple. I also think there should be a waiting CA, I have to wait 10 days before I can pick up a bolt action rifle made in 1942, but in VA you can walk out of the store with a handgun. 10 days might be a bit too long, but the waiting period should at least be ample time to conduct a thorough check.