Friday, March 02, 2007

Why The Spartan Life Won't Work Here

Frank Miller has got me hooked and I know it. I won't often admit that I'm completely drawn in and fascinated with something so over the top and commercial. Yet the more I read about Thermopylae and the Spartans, there more my fascination grows.

The more I've read about Sparta, the more I think those guys were on to something. According to the legends, early on they had problems just like any other society. Greed, corruption, selfishness. The solution was definitely novel but would never work in America though.

Their solution was to rid society of wealth and personal belongings. Everything was pretty much dedicated to the preservation and well being of the state. Sure, this sounds alot like communism but of course, it was with a twist. It was much more of a warrior state.

I've always said that I could never run for office because I would endorse mandatory federal service for every citizen regardless of their position in life. Gone would be rich kids buying their way out of military service (sound familiar, Anti-Christ a.k.a. W). Now, not everyone would be able to serve in the armed forces; but everyone could serve their nation in some way. There are a million other ways for those not physically able to serve: Americorps is one example.

For politicians who were physically able but didn't serve in the military, public shaming would also be compulsory. No more rich cowards sending off the poor and undereducated to fight wars that serve only the interests of the rich. If you want a war, you will lead the way. I'm sick of cowards running this country.

Personal wealth? Gone. If no one owns wealth, no one will truly covet what others have. Everyone would chip in to help the betterment of society or face the ostracism of all. Crime would be punished severely and swiftly.

Yeah, like I said, it would never work here. Again, I can never run for office.


Lindsay said...

I think I'm going to see this on Friday!!

Cincysundevil said...

I already bought my tickets for the IMAX version for Friday afternoon!