Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Top 5 Tuesday

Muchos apologies for my lack of posting last week. But I'm back on schedule right now, so let's get to it.

I am guilty of bad taste. Yeah, I know. Who would've thought that the guy who loves Jackass and Blink 182 might have some inkling of bad taste? But my friends, it's true. Currently, I have some guilty pleasures like those I rail against. I have some things I like that I know are killing brain cells, but damnit, I like them nonetheless.

So here we go ...

Top 5 Current Guilty Pleasures

5. "Girlfriend" - Avril Lavigne : I am so ashamed about this one. I take a shower after I listen to this song, but they can't get water hot enough to wash away the shame that I feel after hearing it. It's so damn catchy and the driving rhythm are infectious!! They should make shots for this. Who woulda thunk Avril could make such a song!!

4. "Flathead" - the Fratellis : Another piece of music that is so damn infectious. The reason I am ashamed of this is because it's used for iPod commercials to further their monopoly. But damn, it is a good song.

3. Coke Zero
: Remember the Star Trek movie where Kirk expresses his outrage with a prosthetic chestpiece wearing Ricardo Montalban with his immortal scream "KAHN"? That's sorta how I feel about Coke Zero. It has me completely hooked. Ask Deeesguy; he will tell you that I scoffed at those who would have a Diet Coke instead of the real thing. Now Coke Zero has me hooked .... bastards!!!

2. Trashy Talk Shows : Oh Maury .... How I love thee for your "Who da' baby' daddy?" episodes as well as having that huge guy D West come out and yell at trashy people. Have you seen him; this guy is fucking huge!! There are only two things you can say to this guy: "yes" and "sir". Plus, how do you not still love Cheaters? Nothing is funnier than watching trashy people get caught in the act with other people.

1. Craigslist personals : Have you read these? It's as if every one of Springer's guests have decided to further proliferate the world with their ilk by posting on this list. I can understand the spirit of Craigslist and I love the site for some things. Need a roommate? Craigslist. Need someone to adopt your dog because you're moving? Craigslist. Need to find a ghetto ass hoodrat who makes Lil' Kim look downright classy? Craigslist. Need to find a deep and meaningful relationship .... stay the hell away from this site. Just how class is it when tons of chicas post personals and have to clarify "No pics of your dick". See, you feel dirty just reading that.

So now that I have revealed my deepest embarrassments here, let me hear some of your current guilty pleasures!!

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Chelle said...

Coke Zero!! Maury!!!
I enjoy a good bit of entertainment - so I give you Craig's List personals.

You make laugh. :D