Saturday, August 19, 2006

How The Anti-Christ Stole My Morning Walk

Note: As per usual, Blogger is having problems loading pics or just having problems so the pic I had for this is not uploading .... just go here for a pic of what I was going to load up.
This morning I got to work way early. For whatever reason, there must be some sort of virus that infected all of the useless housewives whose only purpose in life is to breed spoiled rotten crumb snatchers and to clog the main traffic arteries in this city. There was absolutely no traffic today. Normally, I spend at least an hour and fifteen minutes in traffic. Today? I was in the parking lot in 45 minutes. It was incredible; it was as if all the braindead fucks stayed home to watch more Jonbenet Ramsey news coverage.

Since I had a good 1/2 hour before I had to clock in, I decided to walk over to Obesity Central (that being McDonalds) and get a drink. In downtown ATL, this will mean a McD's where a homeless guy who smells like cat urine is screaming obsenities at a streetlamp. Undetered, I turned on my Gigabeat, set it to shuffle, and proceeded on my merry way.

On my way there, I passed one of the federal buildings. As I approach the building, Guster's "Manifest Destiny" is working its magic and setting my mind alight. The closer I get, I hear these lyrics:

You and I could quit this scene
Build a town and then secede
Like an Adam and an Eve
'Cause to the dreamers go the dreams
But the leaders have the lead
It's a frightening, frightening thing

Born to the land of opportunity
Of manifest destiny
Do you want to change your mind?
You can always change your mind

Outside the building, there is a line of people wearing their best outfits. I thought this strange until I realized that this was where immigration hearings were held. However, this was also the place where immigrants had their citizenship ceremony. It was one of those perfect moments. It's where the music is so perfect and so right for the moment. Throngs of people ready to swear allegiance to this great nation are outside, passing through a doorway only to emerge later through that same doorway as an American citizen. My heart was swelling with pride and affection for my country because here it was opening its door for the poor, the tired, and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. This was a perfect moment that I wanted to capture, so I go into my backpack to pull out my digital camera (yes ... I finally got one and yes, I will post of a pic of my ugly mug once I can get a pic in which I don't look like the Michelin Man). And then George W. Bush's "safer world" ruined my perfect moment .........
One of the rent-a-cop security guards starts talking but I've got my headphones on. She starts motioning and yelling for me to stop taking a picture outside. There is not one sign in the area that states "No Photographs" and I'm on a public street on the sidewalk. This $6.50 an hour rent-a-sitting-on-her-ass-doing-nothing who has spent more time working on her corn-chip nails in one sitting than she has ever spent reading the manual that the "Rent-A-Cops On A Budget" has provided her. I yell back:
"You're a fucking rent-a-cop. You have no idea about the Constitution or my civil rights as an American."
And with that, I turned around and walked away.
I start asking myself how did we come to this? How did we get to the point that taking pictures could be seen as a security risk? And I remembered a speech that the Anti-Christ gave a while back declaring that we are in a safer world because of the "War on Terror". What a bunch of bullshit!!
Oh really? Safer? I guess next time I go to Egypt, I won't have to worry about some fucking radical offshoot of Islam bombing a hotel or disco because the world is safer. I guess next time I go to the Phillippines I won't have to worry about being kidnapped by terrorists in the jungle because the world is safer. I guess next time I ride a train in Spain I won't have to worry about explosives being set off because the world is safer. I guess next time I take a double decker in London I won't have to worry about having my asshole blown off and onto the side of a financial district building because the Anti-Christ and his minions have made the world safer for us all. Gee, thanks FOX news for proliferating the message that the world is safe because your keeper in the sullied White House has now declared it so.


MoDigli said...

I like those song lyrics! NDG and I always talk about starting our own country. Maybe that could be our anthem?!

Cincysundevil said...

Good call for the anthem! You can't get a whole heck of alot better than Guster.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Damnit, I was so enchanted. Enchanted right along with you by the huddled masses yearning to breathe free and the eerily fitting Guster lyrics (love Guster). I hate Bush. Hate him with a bloody passion and am constantly annoyed and inflamed that anyone could buy his loads of bullshit.

Grins said...

I have a photographer friend in Halifax that was questioned by police for taking a photo outside a convenience store. He was getting a shot of colors in an ad shot. No people in the shot, he wasn't on private was weird. The manager of an employment agency nearby was outside screaming that he was a terrorist pedophile. FREAKY!

Chelle said...

A little oversenstive aren't they? Too bad. You were having such a postcard moment.

Lindsay said...

Watch out, man...this blog entry could land you in Guantanamo ;)

Regina said...

Today is the first day I've even looked at your blog since some time in June. I gave up on you that completely. I'm easily discouraged. I had no idea you'd resumed blogging. I never believe anything good will happen.

NML said...

Great post! I love when you have a rant and it was spot on. Those who think we are much safer are deluded.

Cincysundevil said...

It was truly one of those rare moments of clarity in life. Too bad W and his "War on Anything I Don't Like" ruined it.

Cincysundevil said...

It's getting ridiculous these days. I can only imagine how tourists must feel when they're snapping pics when the female Flavor Flav comes rolling up to get on their ass.

Cincysundevil said...

It was an idyllic moment ... (sigh) I'll have another in the ATL before long!

Cincysundevil said...

I'm already on their list. I bought the book "The Motorcycle Diaries" with a credit card. One more thing won't hurt ... or say I think it won't. Hhhhmmm...

Cincysundevil said...

Good things happen every now and again. Keep the faith.

Cincysundevil said...

Aaahhh my long lost Irish lass! Lovely to see you back!