Monday, November 06, 2006

People With Money Can Be Trashy Too

A long time ago, in a city far, far away, my mom said one of those things that shapes your lives for years to come. She said "Just because you don't have money doesn't mean you have to act trashy." I've always carried that thought with me as I've gone through life and it has shaped alot of my opinions of people.

And we all know we constantly run into people with no money acting trashy. For instance, I went to the
Atlanta Zoo a few weeks ago because they had free admission for any who lived or worked in the city. So I head over early and it was great until all of the trash of Atlanta hit the place. There they are: kids knocking on the glass cases of snakes all the while their unattentive parents are oblivious to the "Do Not Knock On The Glass" stenciling instead focusing on what their "drivers" are doing at some unknown race in some hillbilly city; adults with Blue Tooths going into normally quiet observation areas talking so fucking loud about who got drunk last night or who got into a fight at the club; parents raising hell at the concession stand because the soda they bought had too much ice. Basically it was people who acted like they've never been anyplace .... loud, drawing attention to themselves and acting trashy.

Now, you might think this scourge of the Earth is limited to those driving
cars with rims (you gotta see the pic to appreciate this one) that are worth three times what the vehicle is. Perhaps this behavior only runs among those who own entire outfits done up in woodlands camoflauge? Oh hell no!!! Kanye West just showed the world that he is one of those people when he jumped on the stage at the European MTV Awards .... trashiness embodied.

What a fucking idiot. How do you get upset with MTV, whose only job is to make rich cunts seem like role models to the next lost generation of Paris Hilton wannabes? Does MTV really have that much credibility that a "snub" warrants jumping on stage to yell about not getting an award for Best Video? It's a fucking video!!! If you're gonna get upset about something, get upset about not winning Best Song of the Year or Best Album or Song That Contributes To A Better World. Don't get ticked off because you released an expensive cheesy video for a song which should be the B-side of a single !!!

But poor Kanye ... the world stopped revolving around him for a few hours while others garnered accolades for their hard work. Instead of being gracious about the whole thing like a real rapper would (see
Common, Talib Kweli, or Mos Def for some real rappers), he decides to jump onstage and bitch because he spent a million dollars on a fucking video that didn't win. We all know you don't brag about how much you spent on something ... that's just plain trashy.

Sure Kanye, we all loved the "
George Bush doesn't care about black people" statement that left Mike Myers standing there like a deer in the headlights. But the whole thing about your being a character in the Bible if it were written today was bad enough. With this, all Kanye has done is show us just really how idiotic he is ... oh yeah, trashy too!!


Chelle said...

I am amazed how you linked the Atlanta Zoo to Kayne West. Sometimes people amaze me with their lack of filter.

NML said...

Kanye's behaviour was beyond disgraceful. He is's a spoilsport and sore loser. He must be one of the only people on earth who actually believes those awards have any credibility. He needs to learn how to shut up because he's a loose canon!

The Dummy said...

Ah, I didn't hear about that one. He's gonna have to get put on my sh*t list for poor class. That's one reputation you can never really shake off.