Wednesday, January 26, 2005

New Job?????

On Friday night, I was looking around for clerkships. ML is always on my ass about looking for a way to move near her, but for some reason, I was looking at New Mexico courts. Then it showed up: a position with the US Federal District Court in Santa Fe. It would be a clerk type job where I'd do everything from intake of evidence, ensure filings are on time, help the judges, etc.. The big problem was that the position was closing on Monday. So I spent Saturday night revising and updating my resume.

On Monday morning, I called the human resources director and left a message asking if I could fax in my resume. She called back to say that was fine. So I faxed it in and now it's a waiting game. I called on Wednesday and she said she got the resume. The pay is the same and that is a fucking shame. The position only asked for a HS diploma ... and the pay is the same as what I get where I am now where you need a JD to work there. If I got the job, I would at least be in Santa Fe, which is a happening city ... very trendy and young. Compared to Dayton, it's the difference between night and day. Santa Fe is a progressive liberal city with arts; Dayton is a close minded place where GW republicans rule the roost and I fucking hate that. So keep your fingers crossed.

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